Domain Names

(8+ Things to Know)

Is Domain Name Case Sensitive?

Domain names are case insensitive. It means, if you write domain name in uppercase, lowercase or mix, then in all cases - you will land on the same page.

Does a domain name include email?

No, domain name and domain email are different things. You can buy both packages separately.

Which things are allowed in Domain Name?

Numbers and Hyphen allowed, Underscore, Dots, Special characters or Symbols, Capital letters, Period and Spaces not allowed.

Are domain names unique?

Yes, To provide unique identity to websites on the internet and avoid conflict between website addresses - domain names are unique.

How to register a domain name anonymously?

Domain privacy protection is a solution to buy or register a domain name anonymously.

Do domain names expire?

Yes, each domain name has their registrar registration expiration date, and if the domain is not renewed within that date, the domain name will be expired.

Can I Get a Domain Name Without Hosting?

Yes, you can purchase a domain name without hosting. If your selected domain name is available, then you can buy the domain name without buying hosting.

Why are domain name renewals so expensive?

This is because you had got a discount in the first year renewal fee.