How do I calculate BMI in R or RStudio (Explained)

You can calculate Body Mass Index using a normal calculator or in any programming language. Here, you will know how to calculate BMI in R programming language or RStudio.

Let’s get started,

Formula for BMI:

BMI = kg/m2 (Here kg is person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is height in metres squared)

R code to calculate BMI:

bmi <- function(weightInKg, heightInMetres){ 
    return (weightInKg / heightInMetres ^ 2)

bmi(70, 1.75)

When you run the above code in RStudio, you will get the following output.


Code explained:

The R code for BMI calculation is a simple function, which takes two parameters weightInKg and heightInMetres.

When you call this function, you need to pass weight in kg and height in metres and in result bmi function apply formula on parameters and return calculated bmi value.

That’s it,

Hope you find this R script to calculate BMI helpful.