Hashtags for Funny Videos on YouTube (List and Guide)

Looking for popular and trending YouTube hashtags for your funny video?

No worries,

This post is about a list of YouTube funny video hashtags and guide to find suitable funny hashtags for your video.

List of YouTube funny videos hashtags

  • #funny
  • #funnyvideos
  • #funnyshorts
  • #funnyvlogs
  • #funnymemes
  • #comedy
  • #memes

How to prepare funny video hashtags related to video content?

This is important, because adding common popular funny hashtags are fine but it is good practice to add video content related hashtags.

To prepare video related funny hashtags, replace your video content related words in following hashtags.

  • #funny{CONTENT_RELATED_WORD}video
  • #{CONTENT_RELATED_WORD}funnyvideo
  • #funnyvideoof{CONTENT_RELATED_WORD}

For example, if your video is about the puppy, then possible related funny hashtags will be..

#funnypuppy, #funnypuppyvideo, #puppyfunnyvideo, #funnyvideoofpuppy

That’s it,

Hope you find this funny video hashtags list and guide helpful.