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All solutions for YouTube video Categories. Get detail for YouTube video category name and id list, Which categories is best for your video, YouTube Data API category ids, How to get YouTube video Categories list etc.,

YouTube video categories

IDYouTube Categories
1Film & Animation
2Autos & Vehicles
15Pets & Animals
19Travel & Events
22People & Blogs
25News & Politics
26Howto & Style
28Science & Technology
29Nonprofits & Activism
YouTube Video Categories

Film & Animation

Film and Animation includes two types of categories, first one is Film and second one is Animation. Film category is perfect for full movie, movie trailers, songs, movie scenes, movie making behind the scenes video and other film related videos.

Animation category is perfect for animation short videos, story videos and other animation related videos. Film and Animation category mostly used by big brands and production houses, which are connected with film and animation industries.

Autos & Vehicles

Autos & Vehicles category includes video related to cars, bikes automobiles technology, customized vehicles and much more. You can find vehicle related reviews, tips, solutions, new launches, performance and related content based videos. This is high paying and popular category in YouTube.


Music category seems not required any introduction, as it’s name mention what kind of video it includes. Music category includes videos related to all kind of music, songs and related content.

You can also consider music instrument and music teaching guide in this category. This category is most popular and has big number of subscribers and views.

Pets & Animals

This category is popular among creators, who are also affiliates, because you can create pet, animals, pet’s food, tips and suggestions videos and offer related products.

Pets and Animals category includes videos like pet or animal training, tips, related products, breed info, funny moves/reactions and more. Channel based on Pets & Animals category can earn more with decent amount of viewers.


Sports category includes videos for sports, sport equipment, accessories, tips, amazing moments, statistics, guide or coaching and sports related activities.

This category have range of sub categories, based on your content relevancy, you can use this category for your video. Sports category content is in demand and has very high earning potential.

Travel & Events

Travel and Events category is best suitable for traveling tips, travel places, holiday places list, event videos, event organization and more related to both things.

People always like to visit new places and want to know about such places, so, this category related videos very popular in viewers. Event is also attractive topic and people like to know about it. Travel and Events comes between medium and high level popularity.


Gaming category includes videos for games info, game hacks, tips, game reviews, live playing and more related things. Now a day’s, videos in which game player shows live playing and level completion are very popular.

If you created video for any game, game accessories, level completion recording, or other game related things, then it will comes under game category. Audience for this category is continuously increasing and related videos have high monetization potential.

People & Blogs

This category includes videos for people, life style, celebrity talks, things about people, popular blog or sites information, website promotion, reviews and more related to people or blogs thing.

People & Blogs category come in popular category list which have people related entertainment and blog or website related informative videos. This category name explains its scope very well and creators not feel any confusion in its selection.


Comedy category includes different type of videos which generate comedy; it may be stand up speech, short story, animation story, any funny videos for comedy.

In other words, if your video’s main aim is to make viewer happy by comedy things, your video comes in this category. This category video gets high views and popularity. High traffic gives high chance to creator for more earnings.


Entertainment is popular category and includes range of video topics. You can easily identify that some type of videos (e.g., Dance, Drama, Fun, Story etc.,) comes under this category.

When you have confusion, you can check related categories (Film & Animation, Music and Comedy) before finalize entertainment category for your video. Always set your video category based on its content and category relevancy.

News & Politics

This category have clear name, which helps creator in category selection. News and Politics category needs fresh and trending content. This category includes short news, news type information, politics related things, media and other category related videos.

Creator will never found shortage for video topics with this category. Videos related to this category have short popularity life based on time. Latest and fresh content video gives high views in short time.

Howto & Style

How to and Style category includes two type of categories. One is how to guide and second is style or fashion. If your video topic is related to these categories, then it will come under this Howto & Style category. This category based videos have high earning possibilities with long time popularity.


Education category includes tutorial, knowledge guide, learning, academic classes and informative topic videos.

This is common category for most of topics. So, before use this category, always check other categories. It may possible, you find more suitable category. If you video is about educate something and not exact fit in other categories, Education category is for your video.

Science & Technology

This category includes videos which have content based on science, technology or its sub categories.

For example, innovation, facts, benefits, future of some technology, mobile or computer technology and other topic which best fit under this category. Technology is future, so, content related to this category always get more views.

Nonprofits & Activism

If you check simple meaning of Nonprofits i.e. (things without any profit or profit intention), and Activism i.e. (the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change), you will get best idea for Nonprofits & Activism category.

So, based on this you can decide if your video comes under this category or not.

How to get latest YouTube video category list?

You can find YouTube category list in video upload process. We update above list time to time. You can also check latest YouTube video categories from YouTube. Following are steps for get latest YouTube video category list.

Get category list from edit video process

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. Open “YouTube Studio” from the main profile menu (Top right corner).
  3. Next, from the channel “Content” video list, Click any video thumbnail or click edit video icon.
  4. In the Edit video interface scroll till the “SHOW MORE” option at bottom, Click and open it.
  5. Here in the More settings section, Category drop down available at the bottom area.

Get category list from upload video process

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. Click “Upload video” option from camera icon with plus sign (Top right corner)
  3. Upload your video.
  4. In the upload process video “Details” section, scroll till the “SHOW MORE” option at bottom and click it.
  5. Now in the More settings section, Category drop down available.

How to change YouTube video category?

Here is how to change video category on YouTube videos. You can customize and change YouTube’s video category using YouTube settings.

Following are steps for change video category from YouTube settings. By follow given steps, you can change uploaded video category in your channel.

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. Open “YouTube Studio” from the main profile menu (Top right corner).
  3. Select video for edit from the list whose category you want to change.
  4. In the Edit video interface scroll till the “SHOW MORE” option at bottom and open it.
  5. Now in more video settings, Category drop down available in the bottom area.
  6. Change video category from the list and save changes.

YouTube video content category: Rank higher in YouTube search result

YouTube video Categories helps seo

YouTube video content categories organize channels and videos on YouTube.

Best applied category for video help audience to find video quickly. If you are uploading videos and you want rank higher in YouTube search result, you might consider which category you use to classify them.

When user search for video by keyword, result video display from all categories.

When user search video with advance option in selected category, result video display from selected categories only.

So if you set best suitable category for your video, your video have more chance to comes in right audience search result.

How to find best YouTube category for my video?

Best applied category for video help audience to find video quickly. We knows right category for video helps in SEO and get right subscribers. So, How to find best YouTube category for my video?

How to find best YouTube category for my video

Most users who searching for video sometime filter search by category. Video search by category filter helps to find related topic video in search result.

So, applying right category for your video helps to grow your subscribers. Here are some useful tips to find best YouTube category for your video.

  • First of all Analyze your video – What is video about, Type of users like to view, etc.,
  • List main keyword of your video.
  • Search keyword and list out top 10 or 15 videos categories from search result.
  • Check search result video and list related videos.
  • Now you have video list, which top in result and related to your video.
  • List out YouTube video categories from finalize related video.
  • Select best category from list where most users would expect to find your video.

How to find category of any YouTube video?

Its easy to check any YouTube video category. Actually video category in YouTube not showing directly, we need to find category from video page view-source.

For new users, find YouTube video category may hard or takes time.

Steps to find category of any YouTube video:

  1. Open video page in computer browser.
  2. Press CTRL + U or Option + Command + U for Mac.
  3. Apply search command in page source and search "category.
  4. You will find category name in search result e.g., "category\":\"Howto \\u0026 Style\".

Still confused? Here is detailed YouTube video category finder post with image example.

Get video category from YouTube is not possible directly from content now. Previously video category information given in description and viewed by clicking SHOW MORE option. Now this category detail no more available with video. You need to find video category in page source as per above given steps.

How do i search YouTube video by category?

Currently No search filter available to filter video by category. also seems no detail found in official support pages too.

So, if you have question, Can i filter YouTube result by category? Answer is YouTube video result not filter by category. At least not yet as per our knowledge.

YouTube video filters

  • UPLOAD DATE: Last hour,Today,This week,This month,This year
  • TYPE: Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, Show
  • DURATION: Short (< 4 minutes), Long (> 20 minutes)
  • FEATURES: Live, 4K, HD, Subtitles/CC, Creative Commons, 360°, VR180, 3D, HDR, Location, Purchased
  • SORT BY: Relevance, Upload date, View count, Rating

Quick FAQs for YouTube video categories

How many YouTube categories available for video?

YouTube have 15(Fifteen) categories for video. You will find all category list and detail Here in this page.

How do you find the category of another user YouTube video?

Not possible directly to find another user YouTube video page. Previously it found in video description. Now you can find video category from page source.

How to change YouTube video category?

YouTube video category can change or set from video details SHOW MORE settings section. You will find steps Here in this page.

What is best YouTube category for cooking video?

Cooking video comes under “Howto & Style” category based on its content. Cooking video contains step by step “how to” guide, so, it best fit in Howto category.

Following are helpful YouTube related post, you definitely like to read.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Video Categories – YouTube Categories”

    1. Best suitable YouTube category for Cooking recipe, health and beauty tips. Here you have 3 different type of videos. I checked all 3 type of popular videos category and found following category common in most of videos.

      Howto & Style looks best category for your channel.

  1. Can I upload videos of art and craft on henna art channel? What category is for art and craft channel and for henna art channel?

    1. Yes, you can upload art and craft video on henna art channel.
      As per our opinion Both art and craft and henna art best fit in Howto & Style category.

  2. What’s the best category for a movie review with gameplay in the background, Entertainment or Film & Animation?

    1. For plant herbs and Ayurveda, we suggest following categories.

      • Education
      • People & Blogs

      Based on your video content and future videos, you can finalize most suitable category.

  3. Hello, Sir
    I am impressed with your Article
    Please Help me to find my chennal video Categories because I’m so confused
    In My YouTube channel i was uploaded videos like
    -How to read/download newspaper for free
    – App information , benifits, review etc
    – Unboxing
    – Trending topics news

    So tell me My chennal categorie

    Another Question is

    In future will my chennal face problem for monetization or after monetization for mix contains?

    Please reply

    1. You really cover range of topics.
      Based on your query following categories related to content:
      – Howto & Style, Education, Science & Technology, News & Politics
      You can analyse other same content channel category and select from one from above list.

      Mix content not issue with monetization.
      But, its advisable to focus on some specific topic.
      At last best content always win.

  4. What is the category for vlogs, reaction videos & self life stories in YouTube. Please help.

    1. Suggestion: “People & Blogs” category for vlogs, reaction videos & self life stories videos.

  5. Hello sir, great article. I have a question for you, my channel is specialized in making a reaction to other videos, what is the best category for my channel?

    1. Entertainment category is best fit for videos which have content on making a reaction to other videos.

    1. Howto & Style or Education is possible categories for your topic. Now, you can select best suitable category based on your video content.

  6. Sorry for mistake
    Which catagory should i select for uploading food eating related videos?????
    Like Matt stonie and other’s

    1. Category depends on product type; you need to find category based on product. Also, you can get category info by related video which have same kind of content. Follow this steps to find category name from video.

  7. I create DIY tutorials, cover song, vlogs, comedy videos, fashon videos. Which category is suitable for it?

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