How to and Style Category YouTube

How to and Style Category YouTube: page contain Howto & Style YouTube category basic overview and videos topics which comes in this category.

How to and Style (Howto & Style) is YouTube video category. Videos with how to guide or style and fashion comes under this category.

How to and Style category overview

How to and Style category includes two type of categories. One is how to guide and second is style or fashion. If your video topic is related to these categories, then it will comes under this Howto & Style category.

This category is also comes in popular category list. It means viewers like to watch videos, which created based on Howto & Style category topic.

How to and Style category video topics

Following is possible list for how to and style category. This list not include all topics, but based on this, you can get idea whether Howto & Style category best for your video or not.

Given topic list will help to decide that, is Howto & Style category should best for your YouTube video or not.

How to

  • Step by step some process tutorials.
  • Informative how to guide.
  • How to use “abc” guide.
  • DIY guide.


  • Style tips.
  • Fashion tips.
  • How to style tutorial.
  • Fashion product how to guide.

Helpful tips

If your video topic is on style and fashion, then it is easy to select this category. but, in case if your video topic is related to how to tutorial, you need to also check other categories too.

In some video topic it may possible that it fits more better in other YouTube categories. For example your video is on “On page SEO guide”, this topic can be fit in “Education” and also fit in “How to” category. In such cases, you can set category based on all current and possible future videos.

If you have confusion or queries or suggestions regarding How to and Style category, you can post detailed comment in comment section, it will also helpful for other users.