Most popular types of YouTube videos

Most popular types of YouTube videos: List of most popular YouTube videos that will help you to decide niche topic and find answer of your question i.e., what type of youtube videos should i make that viewed most?

YouTube video types listed here are based on video content. For example you prepare video for Unboxing some product. Here based on content, your video type is Unboxing.

If you working on start new YouTube channel and want to select most popular video type niche, following list gives overview of different video content type to finalise best video type for your channel.

Product reviews video

Product reviews videos explain deep analysis of product.

Video contains very well explained product pros and cons. Based on video, viewers can make buy decision.

Product reviews video have extra benefit to earn more money by affiliate product links.

Unboxing video

Unboxing product video, In this type of video making, creator need fresh new product.

Creator unbox item step by step and explain features, use and basic setup process.

Unboxing video helps viewers to take purchasing decisions.

Brands like to contact famous unboxing creators to get the word out about new and existing products.

How to video

How to videos explain step by step guide to do something. e.g., “How to create YouTube channel”.

Creator make video based on knowledge to help viewers.

Self Improvement video

Self Improvement video explain strategies and tips for improving self in different areas e.g., Good habits, Decision making, communication and other self improvement points.

Gaming video

Gaming video is a great type for game lovers.

Gaming video has information for new game launch, game playing tips and tricks, live game play with stage completion and much more.

This video type create great opportunities for gamers.

Educational video

Educational video type includes educational information like programming education, exam paper solutions, upcoming exams.

Video type is best for all creators who have deep knowledge about something.

Best of list video

Best of list video is kind of top thing listing. e.g., Best places to visit in summer.

Creator with research, analyse and experience can create great most viewed best of list videos.

Comedy video

Comedy video is one of my favorite type.

This type has different sub types too, like standup comedy, create small comedy scene, cartoon animation and much more.

Celebrity Gossip and life style video

Name of Video type explain its content.

Celebrity Gossip, news and life style video.

Celebrity fans like to view such type of videos.

Pranks video

People like pranks videos as it is entertaining and create suspense for a while.

Best pranks get more views on YouTube.

Vlogs video

Vlogs video are like video blogging. Videos based on some topic as like niche blogging.

Motivation and success video

Motivation and success video has information on motivation, start-ups, success.

This type of videos inspire viewers by success stories and motivational tips.

Interview video

Interview video is also trending type where creator take interview of successful personality in particular area.

This type of content inspires and gives new way to viewers.

Sports videos

Sports videos have content based on sport activities.

Sport celebrities news, Tips and tricks for different sports, amazing incidents happen in sport games are coverd in videos.

Its like sport news, sports how to and more information on sport games.

Workout videos

Workout and body building video contains information on different types of daily workouts to became fit and healthy.

Video also cover body builder, their diet plans and tips for body building.

Information on workout, diet plan, workout schedules, tips and tricks help viewers to get best results.

News video

News type video include all kind of news.

If you have interest in daily news update on particular topic, you can create news video too.

Daily fast and useful news on topics attract more viewers on channel.

Fashion style tips video

This type video has information on fashion tips, styling tips, beauty tips and other related topics.

Good knowlege for fashion, style, beauty section and related topics can help to get good place in this kind of video channel.

Online earing tutorial video

Online earing tutorial video covers to many type of topics.

For example affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube video earning and too many other opportunity information.

Here i am not able to include all topic detail which exist in this type, but if you have idea on such things, you can create video in this type.

Travelling video

People like this type of video as it shows travelling tips, different cool

places and more things about travelling.

Creator gets good views as travelling is part of all viewers life.