YouTube Channel Name Guide Tips and FAQs

YouTube channel name guide tips and FAQs: get info for channel name selection, generator tools, channel name ideas, name change steps, tips, solutions and helpful FAQs.

If you are a beginner as a YouTube creator or looking for channel name information, then this page will be really helpful for you.

You will get a guide and FAQs for channel name ideas, some tools detail to generate channel name suggestions, YouTube dashboard settings for channel name, other helpful tips and solutions to choose best channel name.

Let’s check out all the details for the YouTube channel name.

Different types of channel name

Following are different types of a YouTube channel name.

Creator name: Your name (Channel owner name). This is a very known and popular type in individual creators. If you create content for learning something, then this type of channel name helps to create your name as a brand in a topic related community.

Business or brand name: Name of your business or name of your product. Select based on future video content. If you post a video regarding your business and all products, then use business name as channel name. In other cases, if you plan a channel for a particular product, then go with that product name.

Content category name: This type is to the point name. It means, choose YouTube channel name based on category of your video content. Here, viewers can easily know about possible video content by your channel name.

Descriptive name: descriptive name type have channel name in more detail. It covers more details about your channel. This represents your channel more clearly in search results.

Unique name: Unique channel name type means, cool name that viewers like and remember automatically. This type of name may not fully represent your channel. If the channel name is unique, the viewers can find your channel quickly. This type of name best fits for an entertainment video channel.

Tips and best practices for YouTube channel name selection

Following is a list of tips and best practices, which you can check and take care before choosing your channel name.

  • Finalize best fit channel type.
  • Avoid use of number in name.
  • Avoid duplicate or too much related names with existing channel names.
  • Keep it simple and understandable.
  • Try tools to check more possible options.
  • Consider domain name availability, if planning to create a site with the same name.
  • Take reference from your channel topic related popular channel name.
  • Don’t hurry, Take 4-5 days, daily think and list out names when you get time.
  • Finally choose a name which you liked and your audience will like.

Why is the YouTube channel name important?

Following things explain the importance of channel name in YouTube: Channel name appears on video page, search results and on channel page. It represents identity in the digital world. Viewers get an idea what channel is about. You can consider its importance similar to a person’s name.

How do I change my YouTube channel name?

YouTube channel name change is a simple 4 step process. You can change your channel name from Google account settings > basic info section.

For more detail and step by step guide, you can check YouTube channel name change post on this blog.

Is it good practice to use language translation for a YouTube channel name?

No, use language translation for YouTube channel name is not suggested as per our opinion. You can try if it give benefits to your channel and it is required.

Your channel name is the identity for your channel. If name presents with translation to different viewers, then different viewers know your channel with related language name. In this case, channel may be not able to create unique brand.

YouTube channel name suggestion tools

Following is a list of online channel name generator tools. These tools suggest a list of names, based on given input.

Channel name generator tools suggest different names based on your given input. These tools suggest names with suffix, with prefix or with mix word/s. For example, if you input “Gaming” word, tools will suggest gaming related channel names.

Name suggestion tools give more ideas by listing names, you can create your own channel name by taking references from the suggested list.