How to change YouTube channel name or description

Change YouTube channel name or description: steps by step guide to change channel name and channel description with FAQs detailed answers. You will get useful information for rename channel, edit channel description and brand account.

Quick overview for change YouTube channel name or description:

How to change YouTube channel name?

YouTube channel name is the same name which exists on your Google account. So, if you want to change your channel name, then you need to change your Google account name. Following are steps to edit your channel name.

  • Open Google Account settings page
  • Under Basic info section click on your name.
  • Click edit pencil icon given with Name.
  • Enter new name and click Save button.

Things to know: Channel name change allow three time in every 90 days. Google account name change will apply to all Google services. Change may take few days to come in effect. Name change not allowed in accounts which managed by school or business.

How to use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account?

If you want to use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account, then it will possible by Brand Account. Brand account is different from personal Google account.

You should connect your YouTube Channel to a brand account, if you want to use a different name on YouTube channel than your personal Google account. You will get brand account connect and creation process information, here on related YouTube Help page.

How to change YouTube channel description

YouTube channel description change is simple process without any limitations. Change option for change description available in channel page About tab.

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • Click Your channel option from profile icon menu.
  • Click Customize channel button.
  • Open About tab.
  • Add or edit Channel description under Description option.
  • Click Done after change.

Reasons to update YouTube channel name

There are many reasons to change or edit YouTube channel name. Here are some basic reasons, due to this, change required in channel name.

Test channel name: channel created as beginner and set some testing name, which need to change after understand importance of name.

Content and channel name mismatch: channel new video content changed based on viewers interest and now channel name and video content not fully match.

SEO practices: channel name not proper or fit as per SEO practices and required change to get rank in search result.

Typo in channel name: typo error in Google account name or in brand channel name.

There are also other reasons which create requirement to edit channel name.

How to change your YouTube channel name on mobile?

YouTube channel name change option no longer available on mobile devices. It means, you not able to change your YouTube name using Android mobile or iPhone or iPad.

You can make channel name change on computer from YouTube desktop site.

How many times can you change your YouTube name?

Change allowed three times in every 90 days. In other words, you can change your Google account name (which used in YouTube channel) three time in every 90 days. If you already changed name three times, then you need to wait until limit 90 days over.

Given are simple channel name or description change points with useful FAQs answers. You can also check related information on official support page. Also, add your comment, if you like to get more information on this process.