YouTube Gaming Category Channel (Complete Guide)

YouTube gaming category channel is the best source for game players. You can share gaming knowledge to create community and earn money.

Here in this post we will discuss gaming category channel related things.

This post is like a basic course for beginners. By checking and analyzing detail, you can get a clear basic idea about YouTube gaming channels.

Following are gaming channel points covered in this post. You can get a full post overview from here and visit by clicking point.

Gaming Category Channel Overview

Here is an overview of YouTube gaming category channel overview. Overview based on basic detail, earning and scope.

Gaming category channels have gaming based video content. It can be gaming tips, game playing videos, game equipment, hacks and game related videos. This type of channel attracts a large no of viewers. Game players or people who have interest in gaming can jump into the gaming category channel. Here, possible earning per views may be lower, but creators can earn good money by high volume of viewers.

For current and future period, scope of gaming channels is also good. New games, games popularity and technology growth creates new gaming audiences. So, starting a new gaming channel is a good idea, if you have good gaming knowledge and skills.

Which Types of Videos Comes Under Gaming Category In YouTube?

Based on category name things related to games are coming in this category. But, if you have confusion about some topics, then the following list is for you.

You will get ideas about possible gaming sub categories video topics. Given list may not have all types of videos, but, Following list also helps to take reference to decide whether some related videos come in the gaming category or not.

  • Game review.
  • Video guide to complete hard levels.
  • Live game playing videos.
  • Special gaming tips and hacks.
  • Gaming accessories guide and usage tips.
  • Game download and setup process.
  • Best gaming lists for different categories.
  • Guide to play games and earn money.
  • Game installation solutions.
  • Gaming news.
  • Upcoming and new games details.
  • Amazing facts and statistics about games.

Is Gaming Channels Can Make Money? What are Ways to Earn Money from Gaming Channels?

Yes, gaming channels make money. So, if you have gaming knowledge and experience, then starting a gaming channel is worth the idea. By helpful and quality videos, you can make money from gaming category channels.

Now, the next question is – how gaming channel creators are earned money? Simple answer is, from the YouTube partner program (ads), game affiliates and sponsored videos.

Monetize gaming channels by showing ads: you can display ads with your videos. For that your channel needs to satisfy YPP criteria. Once ads start showing on your videos, you will start earning from the channel.

Gaming gadgets affiliate: this method is great for beginners, because you can try it with low traffic also. You can suggest your game video related gadgets and accessories to viewers. This is a simple method where you will earn commission, if the user buys a product using your link.

Sponsored videos: in this type of videos, you need to promote sponsors game or game related things. Promotion means products overview, benefits and buying or download info. This is not a regular way of earning and you need good subscribers to get sponsored offers.

Above are common and popular ways to monetize gaming channels. There may be other ways also based on your game’s type. Find earning scope before starting a channel is a good practice.

How to Start Gaming Category YouTube Channel?

Starting a gaming channel process is the same as starting a normal channel. Here, you will get ideas about the channel creation process and FAQs for gaming channels.

First possible question for start gaming channel,

Can I start a gaming channel for free?

Well, creating a channel on YouTube is free. So, yes, you can start a gaming channel for free.


For creating gaming or game related videos, you require some investments. No doubt, in the initial time, you can create videos with minimal resources. But, after some experience and for advance level, you need to make some expenses.

Now, second main question is following,

What is process to start a gaming channel?

Here, the answer is simple and short without any heavy terminology.

  1. Make good research and analysis for gaming channel niche. What kind of gaming channels are available on YouTube and analyze video content.
  2. Now, prepare a list of different possible varieties of content, on which you are able to create videos.
  3. Create a new channel by following steps, which are available on YouTube support page.
  4. Next, set your channel’s basic details and start creating the best content. (Tip: never upload copied content and don’t hurry to publish more content. Create original and simple content videos without worrying for time)
  5. After publishing 10-15 videos, analyze viewers’ responses and feedback. Now, based on feedback, you can apply minor changes in future content, if required.

That’s it, above are simple step-by-step process to start gaming channel.

Which game is best for a gaming channel?

For gaming channels, there are no specific defined games. You need to choose some games based on your knowledge and interest. Starting a game channel with more than one games video is good practice. Your deep experience with the game is the key for your channel success.

Now, if you want to start with a single game first, then you can start with your favorite game. Game that you play many times and have good knowledge about.

What equipment is required for a game channel?

A mobile device, laptop, or computer system is a basic thing based on game type (mobile game, computer game).

For better content and video quality following are possible equipment: Camera, microphone, lighting, tripod and game gadgets.

There may also be game specific equipment needed, if your niche game required special setup.

Above listed equipment have some optional items. You can ignore optional things, if you are able to generate good content without it.

Here, suggestion is to buy things one by one based on your experience and requirements.

It means, first creates video without special equipment and based on experience find required things. This practice will help you to buy the best equipment for real needs.

Gaming Channel Names (10 Tips for Best Name Ideas)

Following are simple tips to generate great gaming channel names. You need to keep given things in mind, when you thinking for your gaming channel name.

  1. Get idea about basic practices and importance of channel name.
  2. Make your channel name simple, cool and easy to remember.
  3. Don’t go with a game based channel name, Try to make the channel name broad, so it will cover more game content.
  4. Take reference from existing channel name. But, avoid copy or nearer names.
  5. You can take advice from friends, who knows about games and like to play it.
  6. Try to use trending words related to the gaming world.
  7. Don’t make the process boring with a time boundary. Make it a continuous process for some days.
  8. Think about channel names, whenever you are free and happy.
  9. Prepare a name list and add new names whenever it comes to mind or seen somewhere.
  10. Once you have enough names in the list, just choose the best one without too much thinking.

Above are simple tips that will definitely help you to find a good name for your gaming channel.

Where to promote gaming channels?

In this section you will get different options where you can promote your gaming channel to get more views and earning.

Before checking out the list, check out these lines. “Poor content + promotion = small time success. Good content + promotion = long time success.

Now, let’s check out some good promotion options for gaming channels.

  • Google search: for this you need to apply good SEO practices for your video information.
  • Facebook gaming groups: be a member of a group or create your own group for your channel.
  • Games official Facebook page: add some valuable comments for game posts. Also, add your channel video link if it is related to a post.
  • Game related subreddits: here you can find specific viewers for your channel.
  • Quora: this is also a good option to promote your channel. You can answer questions related to your video content and add a promotion link in answers.

Note: promotion is good practice, but, never promotes your gaming channel in such a way that it looks spam. You can promote on any platform. But, always give some value to the platform and add your promotion links in a balanced way (Don’t promote in every post/comment/answer).

Ok, that’s it for now.

Hope you like the above things related to YouTube gaming category channel.

If you have queries about gaming channels, then you can ask in the comment section. It will add more value on this page.