How to Add Intro to YouTube Video (Beginners Guide)

How to add intro to YouTube video: you will get a list of things to know about intro, steps to add intro to new and existing video.

Small intro videos main usages are – show channel introduction, create identity and for branding.

This post is a beginner’s guide for YouTube intros. By checking this info, you will understand process of adding intro to the YouTube video.

Things to Know About Intro Video before Add to YouTube Video

Following are quick things, which will help to create best intros. Given things will be helpful for all types of channels.

  • Keep the intro clip under 15 seconds.
  • Create channel specific intro.
  • Make balance between effects and channel info in intro (Avoid too much effects).
  • Add music to grab viewers’ attention.

Next, let’s move on to the main section.

How to Add Intro to New YouTube Video

For add intro to video, you need to combine your intro clip and your new main video. To combine videos, you can use online tools or video editing software. Adding an intro to a new YouTube video is a simple process. Combine intro and main video by online tool or software and upload on YouTube.

Now, following question comes in your mind,

Can I merge two videos on YouTube editor?

Current YouTube video editor in YouTube Studio does not allow video merge process. From YouTube editor, you can only trim video, add audio, add blur effect and add end screen. So, you cannot merge two videos on YouTube video editor.

Next, the big question is, what about existing videos. Following section is all about that.

How to Add Intro to Existing Uploaded Videos?

The only way to add an intro video clip to existing uploaded videos is following. 1. Download existing videos one by one. 2. Merge intro clip with downloaded video using online tools or video editing software. 3. Re-upload video on YouTube.

Can I add an intro to all existing videos at once in YouTube?

To add intro to existing videos, you need to download video, edit and re-upload video on YouTube. This process can’t be applied for all videos at once. So, you can’t add intro to all existing videos at the same time. You have to do it one by one.

Suggestion: If existing published videos performing well, then skip intro for published videos. Apply intros to new videos only and leave existing videos as it is.