How to Upload Audio File on YouTube? (Convert Audio to Video)

How to upload an audio file on YouTube: direct audio file not allowed by YouTube. Here, you will get different solutions to upload an audio file on YouTube.

YouTube supports only specific file formats. If you upload a file other than this, for example, MP3 or other audio file, then you will get invalid file error.

What is the main solution for upload an audio file on YouTube?

Here, the case is that YouTube does not support MP3 or audio or any music files. YouTube allow only video files. So, for a solution you need to convert audio file to video file.

In this post you will get different ways to convert audio file to video file. Once you create a video file, you can upload it on YouTube.

Following is a list of software and apps which convert an audio file to a YouTube supported video file.

1. Microsoft Photos

For Windows 10 users Microsoft Photos is a good app to create a video file. You can insert photos and a voice file in the app and create a YouTube supported video file.

You can generate a video from Microsoft Photos automatically with one click. But, for create YouTube image and audio video, you need to select image and audio in video creating process.

If you are new to this software, then you can find step by step video guide on YouTube.

2. iMovie – Create video file using audio file

For iOS and macOS users, the iMovie app is a good option for creating a video file using audio and image.

iMovie is free and easy to use. App has some nice features, which you can try in your video, to make static image video more engaging.

You can try iMovie in your Apple computer, laptop, tablet and in mobile. This is very handy option for Apple device users.

3. Google Photos: Convert audio file into video movie

Google Photos app is a good option to convert an audio file into a video movie file. You can create video from your Android or iPhone & iPad device. You just need to install the Google Photos app in your device.

Following are steps to convert audio file into video using Google Photos.

  • Install app in your device.
  • Upload your voice file and image in the app.
  • Open the “Search” tab and go to “Movies” option.
  • Tap the “Create movie” button from bottom.
  • From the movie type option, select “New film”.
  • Select photo/photos for your video and click “create” and wait.
  • Tap on the music icon and choose your audio file.
  • At last tap the “Save” option.

Your video will be created after completing the above steps. Now, you can download a video file and upload on YouTube.

For more information you can check Google Photos support page. Note: “New film” option not available on computer. For solution, you need to use mobile or laptop (option available in these devices).

4. Android apps to create video file

Play Store has a range of video create and editing apps. Google Photos is also one of them.

If you want to add more customization and effects in music video creation, then you can find the best fit app in the Play Store.

These types of video editor apps are free or paid. In the free app you may find a watermark icon in video.

Look at this video editor apps list post. You will get useful apps from this list to create a video file from an audio file.

5. iPhone and iPad apps to create video file

For iPhone and iPad users, the iMovie app is the best and free option to create a video file. As like android users, iOS users also have a range of app options on App Store.

Some good available apps on the App Store are iMovie, Intro Maker, Quick and KineMaster. If you are already using another video editor app, then no need to check for any other apps.

Tip: Search video editor apps on App Store and read apps features. It will give you basic feature ideas for app selection.

6. Video editing software

Video editing software has more features compared to mobile apps. These types of software can be free or paid, based on features.

Software with rich features is paid. Here, as per your requirement (create video file using audio file) you can use free software, e.g., OpenShot Video Editor.

For small video editing requirements, you can also try your OS default video editing tools, as we listed in previous options (Windows Photos, iMovie).

7. Online tools to create video by image and audio file

Uploading a music or audio file on YouTube is a demanding requirement. Based on this, there are many online tools available.

These online tools give a simple interface, where you need to upload an image and voice file. After this you need to click the submit button. That’s it. Your video file will be ready to download and use.

Compared to other options, these online tools have some limitations, e.g., audio file size. Most tools have 100MB – 200MB file size upload limit. But, for a small file you can try this option.

There are also some paid online tools, which create video using your audio and image and upload on YouTube. For example, you can upload MP3 to YouTube using

These online tools may require some channel related permission, to directly upload MP3 or audio based video to your channel. You can try these tools based on your requirement after proper analysis.

8. Windows Movie Maker

If you are windows 7 or windows 8, then you can try Windows Movie Maker software. This is discontinued video editing software program by Microsoft.

This is not active support software, but, if you already have this software in your system, then you can use it to create a video file using your audio and image file.

At Last,

Answer in short:

Now, you definitely got your answer for the (How to upload an audio file on YouTube?) question. For upload MP3, audio or any music file, you need to first convert it in video format. Google Photos, iMovie, Microsoft Photos, other Android or iOS apps, video editing software and online tools are ways to convert audio to video. You can use any of these ways to create a video file and upload on YouTube.