Best Free YouTube Intro Makers (List & Guide)

Useful information for YouTube intro makers. Basic definition with importance of YouTube intro. Best YouTube intro maker online free tools to make professional intro video.

If you are a YouTube creator and looking for free intro makers, then you will definitely get good info and intro makers list here.

This post: basic intro video and online intro makers FAQs, best free online intro maker list, intro makers features info with watermark detail (Intro maker with no watermark or not).

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What is YouTube intro?

YouTube intro is the beginning portion of video which introduces a brand of video. Intro part is short and shows the YouTube channel as a brand with visual and sound effects. In short, the intro video is your channel identity, which shows before start main content in your videos.

This YouTube intro clip can be short and professional or full of visual effects. Intro style depends on the Channel category. To make channel videos more professional, you can add an intro video clip in the beginning of your channel videos.

How to make YouTube intro?

YouTube intro can be created in many ways. You can create by free tools or by paid video templates. Free online YouTube intro template comes with watermark in most cases. Paid video templates have high quality video effects with unique style.

There are many online YouTube intro makers available in website and mobile application format. Here we list out some of them in the next sections.

More from this, you can create YouTube intro by your own style as like you create normal videos.

Free online YouTube intro makers

Free online YouTube intro maker: people sometimes also search like “YouTube intro maker free online”.

Good intro parts in video can bind user and user keep watching your videos longer. So, making the best YouTube intro is always required. Too many amazing YouTube intro maker tools available online. Most are paid, but provide free plans with limited features.

Let’s check the best YouTube intro makers which are totally free or have free plans with limited features.

#1: Renderforest

Renderforest is an online video, animation, logo, and website maker. Renderforest provides amazing tools to create professional intros and promotional videos.

Renderforest online intro maker
Renderforest intro maker

Renderforest Video is a cloud-based video maker for creating intro videos for YouTube. Renderforest has an impressive client project and reviews record. Simple learn tutorial and process help in creating eye catching YouTube intro.

Renderforest intro maker have a list of video templates to fit any kind of YouTube channel needs. This video intro maker gives paid and frees both plans.

Free plan comes with limited (video time, music tracks, and watermark) features.

#2: Canva

Canva provides a free intro maker service for YouTube. Canva gives free and pro both options in the video creation process. If you want to create a free intro video, you need to select free resources (images, music, animation etc.,) in process.

Canva YouTube intro maker
Canva YouTube intro maker

Important thing for a Canva free intro maker and video is no watermarks. Right, you can create and download free intro video without any watermarks in video.

Canva YouTube intro maker features: List of amazing intro templates. Upload and use your own media files. Large list of images and elements to use in video. List of text, music and videos to give your video professional effect.

Creating intro video using Canva is simple and quick. Site also provides steps and a guide to create a YouTube intro. You can check this site to design anything.

#3: panzoid

panzoid Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content. Panzoid provides intro maker, creations, video editor, clip maker and backgrounder features.

Panzoid online intro maker
Panzoid online intro maker

Users can select Intro template, edit, play and download. Panzoid is a free online YouTube intro maker. As a free tool it provides the best video samples.

Tool shows advertisements in the editing process but it’s not an issue at all. Users can edit and create their own intro video without any disturbance.

#4: LightMV

LightMV is a free online slideshow maker with music, which offers free video templates to help you make a video with pictures and music in the cloud.

LightMV online intro maker
LightMV online intro maker

Following are steps for creating video using this tool: Select template, add photos and create video. Users need to login in site before creating a free intro video.

Video format in LightMV is like slideshow and animation. Tool has amazing templates which will best fit for user requirements.

#5: VideoCreek

VideoCreek comes with free and paid plans. To create an intro video from VideoCreek, you need to signup on this site. Here with this tool, you do not require any software to create video intros.

VideoCreek easy step-by-step video maker tool creates amazing YouTube intro videos.

VideoCreek online intro maker
VideoCreek online intro maker

Free video comes with 240p quality and small watermark. For downloading video, users need to provide name and email. You will get limited HD video download per month with free plan.

#6: Placeit

Placeit video maker is a good free online tool if the user does not have any problem with watermark in video. You do not require advanced level video editing skills with Placeit.

Placeit online intro maker
Placeit online intro maker

Making an intro video or outro is now dead simple with Placeit’s Intro Maker! All you need to do is pick a template and customize it to get a professional video.

Free version video by Placeit comes with watermark. Here, if you want to spend some money on intro video, then Placeit is a good option.

#7: Videezy

Videezy is actually not an online video maker, but it is listed here, because it gives the option to view and download royalty free stock videos.

You can search for an intro animation video in Videezy and get nice video clips for your intro video. You can download and use small animation videos from this site and prepare your own intro video by adding your channel logo and text using some tools, which you are using for generating video.


Tube Arsenal has the best collection of YouTube custom intros. You can select and customize the intro template online. Tube Arsenal is not free. Intro template offered by this tool is really awesome and this is the main reason that this tool is included in the list.

Tube Arsenal for Custom Intros
Tube Arsenal for Custom Intros

This tool provides no-software solution for video creation. You just need to select a template, change text, color and picture as per your choice. Here, you need to sign in for review of your customization change.

You can visit Tube Arsenal for the following reasons. Reason 1: you want the best YouTube intro video for your channel branding and ready to spend some bucks. Reason 2: you want to check the best possible intro video idea and template for reference.

How to make YouTube intros for free?

Making free YouTube intro videos needs more effort. Available online tools have free plans, but most of them stamp watermarks in the final download video.

One handy suggestion is to prepare an amazing effect slide template and convert it to video. Also when you search more, you will find some software which you can install and create free YouTube intros.

Free apps for YouTube intros: As per our analysis, available apps for intro maker gives free video with watermark and takes charge for removing watermark.

Check out our Free online YouTube intro makers list on this page for free intro video tools.

What is an online intro maker?

Online intro makers give facility to create the best intro or brand video with logo and text. These intro makers have a list of intro video templates. Users just need to select and update logo, text and effects to create intro video.

Benefits of online intro makers is that users do not require special skills and all things done online. No installation and complex manual process required from the user side.

Mostly all online intro makers give service with specific paid plans. Some of them have free plans with watermarks in the logo. Also there is limited access in free plans.

Given list and FAQs is for online YouTube intro maker websites. If you want to check another option, i.e., intro maker Android apps, then you can check “Best Intro Maker Apps for Android” post on this site.