Blog post thumbnail featured image

Blog post featured image also known as post thumbnail. Post featured image represent post content visually. Given post featured image taken by social or other sharing platform and shown with post overview content.

Blog post thumbnail featured image: Post covers WordPress and Blogger post featured image frequently asked questions, answers and solutions.

Post featured image plays important role in SEO and post sharing process. It makes post attractive and gets more clicks from user.

Well named image with post focused SEO keyword name comes in image search and increase post traffic.

What is blog post thumbnail featured image?

Blog post featured image is main image for post and represent post content overview visually. Image shown in post listing and content based on blog theme. Featured images (also sometimes called Post Thumbnails are represent an individual Post, Page, or Custom Post Type.

When post share on social media, post description and post main thumbnail shown in social post. By using attractive and relevant informative image helps to get more clicks and traffic.

SEO friendly name for post thumbnail image

SEO friendly image name helps to increase post traffic. Good image name includes main post focused keyword at starting position. Replace space in name with dash(-) character. Post title can be used as post thumbnail image name.

e.g., Post title: Blog post thumbnail featured image, thumbnail image name: blog-post-thumbnail-featured-image.jpg

If post title have long name try to extract main keyword from it and use it in name.

How do I add remove and change the featured image in WordPress?

WordPress post featured image is media image and set from post add edit page. Following are steps to set featured image in post.

  • Create your featured image and give SEO friendly name.
  • Open WordPress Media Library and upload image.
  • After image upload edit it and set Alternative text, Caption and description. You can use post title here.
  • If image already exist in media library, no need to follow Media Library steps.
  • Click Set featured image option from right side Featured image section and open image selection modal.
  • Select relevant image > check image detail > Click Set featured image button.
  • That’s it, Selected image set as featured image for post.

How do I add remove and change the featured image in Blogger?

Simply insert image in post beginning portion. This image automatically considered as Blogger post featured image. Mostly first proper sized image from top to bottom considered as featured image.

In Blogger image in post linking to image URL. If you want to change this process, Go to HTML view and make required change in image html code.

Blogger provides 4 type of image / featured image insert sources. i.e., Upload from computer, Photos, Blogger, By URL. Image can be inserted from any of this source.

Image inserted in beginning part of post used in social media and in post listing as featured image.

How do I show or hide (remove) featured image from my post?

Show or Hide WordPress featured image on post is theme dependent option. If theme support such option, option will shows below “Set featured image” section. Featured image will show in post if admin hide show featured image on otherwise image will not show in post.

What If theme not have Hide or Show (remove) featured image from post feature:

  • Hide image using CSS. Inspect parent class of image and add display: none property for that class.
  • Remove PHP code from file which showing single post page. This change required technical knowledge.
  • Ask question to theme support for this feature.

How do I change the thumbnail size on a featured image in WordPress?

WordPress thumbnail size manages from Media settings. Open Settings > Media option. Change Thumbnail size value to required size and save changes.

After this change once new image uploaded from Media Library, related thumbnail will generated with new given size.

What is best size for post featured image?

1200×628 pixels is ideal size for post featured image. Social media support different image sizes. 1200 pixels width is common for many platforms. So, image width 1200px width and minimum 628px height is ideal size.

How to make featured image clickable in WordPress?

WordPress featured image linking to post permalink or large image is theme specific feature. Theme file changes required, if your theme not support clickable thumbnail image or you want to change linked URL.

Detailed change process available on WordPress developer featured image guides Linking to Post Permalink or Larger Image section.

In case common solution not works for your theme. You can reach out to your theme’s support and ask for such feature or steps for solution.

Can I use same image as featured image in multiple posts?

Yes, if posts have same kind of content than featured image can use in multiple post. Such practice not suggested, as every post have uniqueness and it’s better to set different relevant image to each post.

How to set hidden featured image in Blogger?

In blogger post first image considered as featured image. Now if you want to set featured image and not want to show it in post. In this case you need to hide image using inline style.

To hide image in blogger post first move to HTML view. Scroll post page to particular image. Remove (div, anchor start end tags). In result only <img../ > tag exist. Now add inline style property in tag to hide image.

<img style="display:none"… />

How to create online free blog post featured image?

For amazing and unique blog post featured image required topic related image, icons and attractive fonts. Normal images can be created from any free OS tools, e.g., Paint. For unique image need, good tools and free image.

Best featured image is natural image: For example blog post have topic on pet dog bath and you use your dog bath click photo as featured image.

How to create online free blog post featured image
How to create online free blog post featured image

Featured image with perfect format and attractive visuals increase clicks and traffic. Here we listed online free blog post featured image creator tools and sites which provide access to download free images regarding different topics.

List of online free blog post featured image creators

  • Canva: Create stunning designs and documents in minutes. Best online free image tool. Create a design with free and pro images, icons, fonts and many more features.
  • Stencil: Easy-to-use graphic design tool for bloggers, business owners, and social media marketers.
  • fotor: Revolutionary photo editor and design maker.

Best free photo image sites

  • Pixabay: Provide stunning free images & royalty free stock. You will get free image related to blog topic in different sizes.
  • Pexels: Free stock photos you can use everywhere. Free for commercial use. No attribution required. This site also good option to get free featured image.
  • Unsplash: Good source of freely usable images. Download image in different sizes. Unsplash have range of list for popular topics.
  • Beautiful free stock photos. Hundreds of high resolution images added weekly. Photos available for different categories. Photos available in original size only.

Online image creators tools provide amazing free resources to create featured image, but if you not found image related to your topic, you can check free photo image sites and use it in featured image create process.

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