Best YouTube Channels to Learn Blogging (In English)

Blogging is a continuous learning process and YouTube is the best source to learn new things by video. Here, in this post, you will get information to learn blogging from YouTube channels. You can subscribe to these channels and improve your blogging level.

All new bloggers have basic knowledge about setting up a blog site and writing content. But, to improve blog level and earn from blog they need to continuously learn blogging techniques.

YouTube is a great platform, where pro level bloggers run their channels. They provide useful blogging information with examples and real practices.

So, if you want to start blogging seriously and want to make blogging as your full time income, then good blogging channels on YouTube are the best free source for you.

On YouTube you will get a list of channels which guide you for blogging. Here, we analysed and prepared a complete guide for you, about blogging channels on YouTube. From these channels, you can learn different blogging related things.

For example, how to start blogging, the best YouTube channels name with links to learn blogging, overview details of blogging channels, in short, you will get the best blogging video sources for free.

What is a Blogging YouTube channel?

YouTube channels which gives you information about blog setup, content creation, blog SEO, blog monetization and blogging tips are known as blogging YouTube channels.

As a blogger, you can subscribe to these channels and learn new things about blogging. These channels are run by experienced bloggers and upload videos related to blogging.

By subscribing to these channels and following tips and guides, you will be able to improve your blogging knowledge. And, more knowledge means, more success and more earnings.

What you will learn from blogging guide videos on YouTube?

YouTube channels for blogging try to cover all blogging related things. But, all channel creators have some special knowledge and their own methods.

Based on that, following are different things which you will learn in Blogging channels on YouTube.

  • Guide to find a niche for blog.
  • Hosting and domain explanation with suggestions.
  • Blog setup guide.
  • WordPress guide.
  • Topic research techniques.
  • Blog monetization practices (Ads, Affiliate and more)
  • User and SEO friendly article structure.
  • Content writing techniques.
  • Content marketing strategies.

Above all are different blogging things, which you need to learn blogging. Here, in this post, you will get different channels information. And, the reason behind providing more than one channel is content authority of channel creators.

Can I learn all blogging tips and secrets from YouTube free videos?

As per our experience, In free YouTube videos for blogging, you can get 80% of blogging knowledge. Here, remaining 20% is advanced level techniques which are provided in paid blogging courses.

But, no worries, you can also learn this 20% advanced level of knowledge by more research and practice.

As a beginner, you can definitely start with YouTube blogging videos. Once you complete 80% free learning with practical blog progress, you will understand 20% remaining knowledge requirement.

From the blogging video channel list (given in the next section), some channels provide advanced level blogging techniques overview.

These advanced level guides in free video may not provide a step-by-step full detail guide.

But, you will get a basic overview in free videos.

So, in that case, you need more efforts to learn advanced level blogging using free channel videos. Here, more effort means, more practice and more research.

Best YouTube channels to learn blogging (Subscribe to learn)

Following is list of YouTube channels. These channels upload video content for blogging. You can subscribe to these channels to learn different things about blogging. Listed channels include blogging learning content from basic to advanced level.

1. Passive Income Geek

This Passive Income Geek channel is based on passive income using blogging. You will get blogging videos about blog design and setup, topic research, affiliate stuff and blog monetization.

You will also get an option for an advanced blogging course by Passive Income Geek. In course, you will get detailed blogging advanced techniques (complete blogging package) and membership of the knowledgeable bloggers community.

On channel, you will get practical topic research techniques, inspiring blog earning detail, SEO strategies and more.

This is a good channel to subscribe to learn blogging. Here, the main reason to subscribe to this channel is channel content, which is 100% related to blogging and passive income. So, you will always get blogging related videos.

2. Income School

Income School channel is based on profitable niche sites and passive income. This channel includes different online passive income options and blogging is one of them.

In this channel, you will get video content for niche site ideas and tips, WordPress tips and tricks, passive income ideas, SEO practices, niche site case studies, YouTube channel guide and more.

Income School also has an advanced level blogging course, which you can buy based on your requirement.

Best points of this channel for blogging are topic research strategies, blog case studies, unique seo and content strategies, videos with real examples and more.

3. Khalil Ullah Khan

This channel (Khalil Ullah Khan) is created and maintained by a content writer. Channel creator is a freelance content writer, but now based on experience and knowledge, he runs his own blogs.

Here, on channel you will get solid article content search and writing strategies. On channel, you can learn blogging by well managed playlist.

If you are a beginner for blogging and want to learn blogging basics and content writing, then this channel will definitely satisfy your requirements.

4. Neil Patel

This channel (Neil Patel) contains a list of playlists for digital marketing. All videos are in depth and with examples.

From this channel, you can learn blogging techniques for beginner, blog optimization, SEO techniques, passive income ideas, content marketing tips to get traffic and more.

By following this channel, you will get deep knowledge about content marketing on different platforms and about content creation which gives you good traffic.

5. WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

This WPBeginner channel is based on WordPress platform and basic blog setup process. You will also get useful blogging related content.

WordPress is a popular platform for blogging. And, as a blogger, understanding blogging platforms for technical stuff is good practice.

By subscribing and watching this channel’s videos, you can learn all things about WordPress, which bloggers need to know for easy blogging.

6. Brian Dean

This channel (Brian Dean) is focused on advanced SEO strategies. You will get a step-by-step guide for your blog content SEO. In the video, all details are explained in a very simple way with real data and examples.

You can subscribe to this channel to learn SEO strategies, Improve Google search ranking, link building and more things.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO tool and on Ahrefs YouTube channel provides an actionable SEO tutorial, which helps to increase organic search traffic.

Videos on this channel are prepared very professionally. Video tutorial is limited in length and simple to understand.

As a beginner blogger, you can learn keyword research, link building, technical SEO, content marketing and more.

8. Google Search Central

Google Search Central is the official channel where you can find information about the Google Search Console tool.

By subscribing to this channel, you will get updated with Google Search related updates. These channel videos help you understand and improve your site in Google Search.

Can I get paid blogging course videos on YouTube for free?

No, You will not get premium (paid) blogging course videos on YouTube for free.

Paid blogging course videos are mostly not uploaded on YouTube. These videos display in course pages with login protection by course creators. Also, course members do not like sharing activities and such activities are not allowed as per course terms.

But, creators who sell blogging courses upload course overview videos, which are free to watch on YouTube. These free videos also have valuable content. You can try practices which are given in free video and based on the result, you can take course purchase decisions.

These advanced paid blogging courses are always optional. You can make decisions based on your knowledge and requirements.

At Last,

All the best for learning blogging. Hope, given detail on the best YouTube channels to learn blogging (In English) helps you in your blogging journey.