13 Things to Consider For a Real Estate Business WordPress Theme Selection?

There are some basic theme features which you need to consider before buying a WordPress theme for a real estate business (Realtors) website.

Here, in this post, you will get Realtors WordPress theme’s basic features list with detail.

So, if you are looking for a real estate business (Realtors) website WordPress theme, then the following theme features list helps you to select the best theme for your site.

1. Property listing plugin and page template

Listing layout template and admin property listing management (add, edit, delete) feature is the main part of real estate theme.

In real estate websites, you need to add properties on site and this can possible using listing features.

This listing plugin or built-in listing module allows you to manage properties from the admin dashboard.

You can add, edit or delete properties, images and information using the listing feature. This feature is available with most real estate themes, but if it is not available, then confirm that theme supports external listing plugin.

2. Search and filter options

This search and filter option is for properties listing. If your site has a list of properties, then search options in the listing page is a good feature.

Using this feature users can filter properties by price, location and other criteria to get filtered results.

You can ignore this feature, if your site listing page has a limited number of properties. Because, users can manually check all properties, if properties are limited.

3. Homepage layout

Homepage layout is the first impression of your site. So, check out the available homepage layout in theme and ensure that theme has a suitable layout for your requirements.

More on this, also confirm that, you will get homepage layout customization options. So, you can easily create a site specific homepage using drag and drop functionality.

In current latest themes, you will get a built-in page builder plugin with themes. By this page builder functionality, you can add or remove new and existing elements from the homepage.

4. Built-in page builder or page builder support

Page builders provide functionality to manage page layout. You can add or remove page elements using the page builder plugin.

Here, you can consider this page builder feature for your theme. Check the theme features list to confirm these features available in theme.

But, if you want to buy a theme which does not have a built-in page builder feature, then make sure that theme supports the plugin for this feature.

5. Custom realtors widgets

Custom real estate specific widgets in WordPress theme adds user friendly functionality to the site.

Widgets like: inquiry form, property slider, featured property and more. If the theme includes such widgets, then it’s a plus point for site design.

6. Real estate plugin support

If you are planning to use a specific plugin in your site, then it is good practice to check that plugin support with theme.

Plugins developed with WordPress structure mostly work with most themes. But, you can make sure with the theme support team, if you plan to use some unique custom plugin with theme.

7. Inquiry contact form

User inquiry is a must feature for any business. So, this feature is also a must for real estate themes.

Real estate themes provide different inquiry contact form features. For example, form open in popup, display in property listing, form in property detail page and more.

So, a simple and well designed inquiry form adds more value and conversation to your site.

Sliders and photo galleries are good features to display more properties in limited space. If your theme has such features, then you can display featured property or new property detail with animated effects.

It means, slider and photo galleries features are also important things, which you can consider.

You will also get such types of animated UI features in the page builder plugin. So, if you have not found a direct option in the theme, then check such options in page builder options.

9. Social media integration

Here, social media integration means, social business page integration and social sharing options.

These features give options to share or subscribe your site property content on social platforms.

10. Translation ready

Translation ready themes help to create real estate sites in no time, if your site needs content in your native language.

You can manage translation features with other available WordPress plugins, but, if it is built-in available in theme, then it will be more convenient.

11. Google Maps support

Show map location with properties gives better location ideas to users. So, before buying a theme for your real estate site, check Google maps support in theme.

You can check map features from the theme demo site, by visiting properties listing and detail pages.

12. Theme support

Support is important for any product. Here, in theme support, you need to check theme help and support page information, user theme support rating, and how theme sellers clear theme user queries.

Theme support helps in many cases. For example, theme renew process, theme installation process, to solve any third party plugin conflict, enhance theme features and more.

13. Basic features

At last, following are basic features which are required with any themes. Responsive (desktop and mobile friendly), Simple navigation and SEO friendly are basic features for the theme.

Hope you like the above list of things, which you can consider for real estate business WordPress theme selection.

These features list include most of all popular real estate theme features, you can consider them based on your requirements. These are not fixed required features, so, give priority based on your business model and add or ignore features as per your convenience.