Business Hours Plugins for WordPress (Free and Simple)

Business hours detail in websites is really helpful for customers. They can easily know the opening and closing time of your business from your website, if your site has a business hours detail section.

Here, in this post, you will get a list of some good business hours indicator plugins for your WordPress website.

All plugins listed with its features, image and read more link. You can check plugins overview in this post and can check full detail on plugins pages.

If you are new to the WordPress website and looking for a good plugin to show your business hours on your contact page or on another page, then the following list will help to find it.

Business hours plugins for WordPress

Following are WordPress plugins for managing business hours details on the website.

1. Five Star Business Profile and Schema

Five Star Business Profile and Schema WP Plugin

This plugin is for a business contact card in a web page. You can manage your business name, contact and business hours on contact card. Plugin has a list of schema types for different businesses.

“Five Star Business Profile and Schema” is best fit for you, if you want to create a whole contact section using WordPress plugin.

This plugin is free on site. You can visit plugin page for more details.

Now, if you are looking for plugins which only show business hours in table style format, then following two plugins satisfy your requirement.

2. Business Hours Indicator

Business Hours Indicator WP Plugin

“Business Hours Indicator” plugin comes with a range of features for flexibility and business hours detail. You can display business opening closing hours on the page and post by shortcode. For sidebars, you will also get widgets in this plugin.

This plugin supports normal business time details, vacation detail, special holiday dates, countdown timer and more. There are also more features available in this plugin, which you can check on plugin page.

If you know a little bit about designing and CSS, then you can also change business hours section design, which is generated by this plugin. Plugin provides all CSS class details, so you can apply your custom style for those classes.

3. We’re Open!

We Are Open WP Plugin

“We’re Open!” plugin has rich customization options and flexibility to integrate on post, page and sidebar. You can display business hours by using a shortcode and widget. This plugin also supports structured data.

You will get a range of styles for the business hours section in “We’re Open!” plugin. Plugin is free to download and install from WordPress plugin directory.

This plugin page has detailed information about plugin features and integration. You will quickly get an idea from the plugin page, whether plugin is fit for your site or not.

Can i add business hours detail in WordPress site without plugin?

Yes, you can add business hours details in WordPress site without plugin. To add business hours in WordPress a post or page, you can use “Table block”. And, to add business hours in the sidebar, you can create HTML table code and use the code in the sidebar HTML widget.

WordPress Table Block
WordPress Table Block

If your business has fixed opening closing hours or working hours are not update frequently, then you can add business hours with this manual process. Here, in this process, you do not require any WordPress plugins.

But, if you do not like to work with HTML code or WordPress table block, then you can go with above free Business hours plugin options.