YouTube video title FAQs

YouTube video title FAQs: Frequently asked questions for YouTube video title with best solution and answers. Useful YouTube video title information that helps to generate best SEO friendly and viral video title.

Lets start checking YouTube video title FAQs one by one.

YouTube video title FAQs
YouTube video title FAQs

What is video title in YouTube?

YouTube video title is important part of your video. It describe your video in simple and short sentence. YouTube video title plays important role in video performance.

In YouTube video search listing mainly video thumbnail and video title help viewer to watch video or not.

Well written video title encourage user to watch video and share video to others.

In short YouTube video title is summary of your entire video which helps YouTube to list your video on related search and YouTube users to decide whether watch video or not.

A catchy title can help you hook viewers. When you create video titles, it’s a good idea to include keywords your audience is likely to use when looking for videos like yours.

YouTube video title character limit (allowed max length)

YouTube video title character limit
YouTube video title character limit

YouTube video title character limit is 100 character.

When start typing video title or paste title in input, maximum allowed YouTube video title length and title total character count display at right bottom corner.

YouTube video title character limit count including spaces.

TIP: Most search results truncated anything more than 70 character. So, Keep your titles within 70 characters. YouTube title limit is 100 character and If your title goes long than 70 character, try to include your main keywords and main title part within 70 character.

How to optimize YouTube video title

How to optimize YouTube video title. In other words YouTube SEO tips for video title.

How to optimize YouTube video title
How to optimize YouTube video title

YouTube title is important for both point of view: YouTube ranking and viewers attention. Optimize YouTube video title is process to prepare title which achieves both goals. Even though you have to manage it within YouTube video title character limit.

Make sure your video title actually includes keyword related to your video content. If video title and description not match with video content, then YouTube will assume you are engaging in spammy behavior.

You like to check some tips to creating the perfect balanced YouTube title.

  • Analyze your video and come out with main term what video is about.
  • Use Google related search terms and phrases.
  • YouTube related video: Analyze tags, titles and description.
  • Prepare title which tell the search engine what your video is about.
  • Try some helpful YouTube video title generator.
  • Try to include your main keywords and main title part within 70 character.
  • Prepare 5-6 video titles with different combination.
  • Read all prepared title 2-3 times and try to identify best one for your video.
  • Select best video title for your YouTube video.

YouTube video title generator

Well, YouTube video title generator can be used to get ideas for new titles.

Before try video title generator, you need to finalize video keywords. As mentioned previously you can find video keywords from YouTube related video tags, Google AdWord keyword planner, Other keyword tools e.g.,

Here are some tools which can helpful to generate YouTube video title.

TIP: Use YouTube video title generator tools only for get ideas for different title patterns. Always take final decision based your knowledge and video content.

YouTube video title ideas and examples

YouTube video title ideas and examples
YouTube video title ideas and examples

Looking for YouTube video title ideas and examples. Here i try to list some title format ideas that can help you to create SEO friendly and may be viral YouTube video title.

Listed video title ideas examples or best practices definitely helps you to prepare amazing video title for your video.

video title ideaDetail
How to ___Title with how to keyword. Title mostly used with tutorial video, which explain some process and solution.
X Secrets You Didn’t Know About ___Informative video for something. You can try title this with number and secret word.
___ X: All the Basics You Need to KnowTitle suits best for videos which have list of information content.
The Ultimate Checklist for ___Again video title idea for informative video with list check points.
How to ___ the Right WayVideo for process or information or comparison with doing right way.
The Top 10 ___Video with top listing, it may places, things, etc.,
Use Amazing, Epic or Best wordWords evokes excitement and curiosity among viewers. It makes user to checkout more in video.
Why/What/Where/Who ___?Title with well question integrated sentence make user think and often encourages to click.
___ TipsTips word in video title normal but it works best to attract user attraction.

YouTube video title helpful resources

Lesson: Make effective thumbnails and titles

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