How to choose YouTube category for channel video

How to choose YouTube category for channel video: post have step by step guide to find best YouTube category for your channel video. Best category for any video.

YouTube have 15 categories for different type of video content. In some cases, it is possible that video creator got confused, if video have multiple type of content or some very unique content.

There are two possible cases when creator confused for category selection. [1] Video has mix content and due to that it match with multiple categories. [2] Video has some unique content and not fit with any category in first look.

What to do, when above like situations comes to you. What is the best solution for these cases?

Answer is simple. Check out following 4 steps that will 100% helps to choose best YouTube category for your channel video.

Step-1: Search same type of videos in YouTube

YouTube is best video platform and have videos with all type of contents. If you search your decided video title in YouTube, you will definitely found list of video. Search result video may be exact match or relevant to your content. This is your first step, where you need to go on YouTube and search videos like your video.

Step-2: Open 5 or more videos in different tabs

The second step is to analyzed video search result and select 5 or more videos. These selected videos should be most relevant to your video content. It will be good if you able to find 5 or more videos. But, don’t worry, if you found less than 5 videos. Because, main aim is to find most relevant videos(no matter, how many) and open each in separate browser tab.

Step-3: List videos category from page view-source

Now, you need to go each video page and check video category. If you check whole YouTube video page, you will not found category name in page. You can check any YouTube video category from video page view-source. You can follow steps to find category from view-source in related post.

Find category of all videos, which opened in tabs and list out categories.

Step-4: Choose category which most used

This is final step, where you are able to choose best category for your YouTube video. Here, you need to select category from list, which most creator used for video. Category which most used in your selected videos shows that it is best fit for your video too.

Given steps are simple to apply and give quick result for YouTube category selection for any type of video. If you follow this practice, you not required any help for category selection. If you have any suggestion or queries for this topic, you can share or ask in comment section.

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    1. Howto & Style category is best fit for DIY videos.

      Suggestion: If you open any DIY video on YouTube and apply steps given in this post, then you will easily decide category for your video.

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