YouTube video views FAQs [Tips and Solutions]

YouTube video views FAQs: you will get answers about YouTube views, how it works, benefits, earnings on view, tips to increase views and things to ignore for more views.

YouTube video view’s overview …

When video watched by a real viewer it is considered a YouTube video view. YouTube decides whether a view is valid or not based on different criteria. Views indicate video popularity and possible earnings. Quality video content and good SEO practices helps in getting more views.

FAQs will be helpful when …

You are a beginner and have confusion about video views, want to understand video views in detail, need to make decisions for buy view/promotion based on analysis, want to know useful tips for increasing video views.

Let’s check out FAQs one by one, or you can jump to a particular answer from a table of content.

Why are YouTube video views important?

YouTube video views are important in too many ways. First, it helps to earn more money. Second, it shows the popularity and quality of your video. Third, it gives a good position in YouTube search results. Fourth, it helps to get viewer attention and generate more clicks in search results.

How does YouTube count video views?

YouTube determines valid views (played and viewed by actual humans for 30 seconds or more) based on their own developed process and criteria. This video view count system is continuously updated to determine which views are legitimate views and which aren’t.

When your video is published, it may be possible that all views are counted and shown with video. After that, when YouTube validates your video views, it will be adjusted and shown only legitimate views.

How YouTube count video views
How YouTube count video views

The main rule to count YouTube video views is that video needs to be viewed by actual humans. Here, the process to determine count is varying based on situation and different cases.

If you want to check this point in more detail, then check out this YouTube Help page.

Is video re-watching counted as view?

Yes, YouTube considers as valid view when video plays for 30 seconds or more. Video creators can watch videos more one time. So, if creators re-watch video for 30 seconds or more, then it will be considered as a view.

Note: If the video’s owner continuously re-watch own video, then there may be a chance that YouTube considers it invalid views and adjusts video views.

How to see the views count on a YouTube video?

You can see video views count as a normal viewer from the section below the video. In video search results, views shown below channel name and in video page “views count” display below video title.


As a YouTube creator you can see the video views count in YouTube Studio. Views display in channel videos list under “Views” column.

How much YouTuber earn per 1000 views?

AdSense earning in YouTube for per 1000 views is always different. Earning per 1000 views depends on content topic, audience country, ads type, channel performance and more criteria.

If we go with rough average estimation, YouTuber earn $2 – $3 per 1000 views. Note, this is estimated average earning. For your case, earning may be differ based on topic, viewer country and other criteria.

How to get more video views on YouTube?

This is a common question from all beginners for YouTube video. YouTube views are very important and help to get more earnings and channel popularity.

How to get more views on YouTube
How to get more views on YouTube

Following are best practices and ways which help to get more views on YouTube. Main tips given in the list are free of cost and give good results for a long time.

1. Simple Original and Quality content

This is the main and important way to increase YouTube video views. Content which is simple to understand, solve problems or fulfill viewer requirements, original, cover all points and to the points content will gets long term popularity and more views.

If you check #1 videos on different categories, they definitely contains simple, original and quality content. For more views, you need to follow the same strategy. This technique takes your time and deep involvement, which improves your knowledge and skills.

2. Follow best YouTube video SEO practices

Best YouTube video SEO practices always work for more views. SEO practices include detailed video title, to the point description, SEO tags, eye catching thumbnail, suggest related videos and related video playlist.

By taking care of all these practices, you will increase the chance to come in search results and get more views. Learn more and more about these techniques, apply and update for every video. This will definitely help to get more views.

3. Share video on social and related niche community platforms

Video sharing on social and related niche community platforms is a simple and free way to get more views. If you share your videos to the right audience with proper detail helps to get more visitors. Here, the tip is to, avoid spam ways of sharing (paste links everywhere) and share only on place where your video adds some value to the audience.

4. YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads is the second step for channel growth. It’s a part of marketing strategy. You can get millions of views by using YouTube Ads (depends on campaign). Popular YouTuber use the YouTube Ads method based on requirement and knowledge to get more views.

If you are a beginner, then use this way in the second step. It is good practice to learn and try all basic and freeways in the first step. Once your channel is rich to the desired level, you are able to use this method as a pro level.

5. Buy YouTube views

Buying YouTube views method is bit complicated and there are different opinions for its use. As per our opinion, stay away from this method, if you are a beginner. YouTube has a very intelligent view count system. It may be possible that this method gives more video views. But, here is a possibility that YouTube decrease your video views or take other action, when YouTube finds invalid views.

This method may be useful for video creators who want quick views and want to show quick popularity. But, If your main purpose is to grow the channel without any issues and earn more money, then avoiding this method is a good idea.

What are different YouTube video views count number formats?

Following are different number formats with example, which are used to display YouTube video views.

  • Thousand (K): 4.4K views (4,400 views)
  • Million (M): 11M views (11,000,000 views)
  • Billion (B): 6.9B views (6,900,000,000 views)

Above are existing common views count number formats. There are also country specific formats. For example “Lakhs” and “Crores” format in India.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

Buy YouTube Views
Buy YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views depends on the source. If you buy valid legitimate views from a proper source, then it may not create issues. But, buying low quality and bad views create issues in many ways. If you are a beginner and trying this method to quickly earn more money, then suggestion is to stay away from this method.

Why is my YouTube video views declining?

The possible reason for video views declining is YouTube view count system adjustment. When you upload a video, it is possible that all views (re-watching, testing and other) are counted initially. But, when YouTube applies a legitimate view count process, it may be possible that invalid views are removed and you see declining in views count.

You had also noticed that YouTube Studio showed different views sometime. It means, you found fluctuation in views count. All these are effects of YouTube legitimate views count process.

What is the required total channel views count for YPP monetization?

There is no specific detail related to the number of views for YouTube YPP monetization policy. But, “4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months” is a related requirement for monetization. Based on your video time and average audience view time, you can estimate required total views count for monetization. You can use this type of calculation for your own use only, as the monetization requirement depends on hours of video watchtime. For more monetization detail, you can check YouTube monetization policy requirement page on this blog.

Can I watch my own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours?

Yes you can, but this is not practical from any aspect. These kinds of tricks waste your time, which you can invest in creating more valuable video content. So, create great content, follow best practices and wait for great results are the suggested tips.

What is YouTube frozen view count and how much time it takes to unfreeze?

For some videos, the view count looks stuck and not updated in the way you expect. This is a frozen view count situation. YouTube validates video views for fair experience. In the verify view process, YouTube may change, freeze, slow down or skip low quality view count. So, frozen view count is a situation which creates while YouTube validates video views.

For the normal validating process, in most cases frozen view counts unfreeze within a few hours. If video views are stuck because of some other reasons, then it may take more time and can be unfreeze within 1-2 days.

Which is the most viewed video on YouTube?

This is a common question which comes in most YouTubers mind. Answer for this question is “Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee”. This video has 6.95+ billion views. You can check more details on our best and number one video on YouTube page.

Does YouTube count video’s view which are embedded on Facebook or sites?

Answer is Yes, YouTube considers embedded video’s views which are generated from Facebook or other sites. It means, if you embed video using valid YouTube embed code on Facebook or other sites, then that video views will be counted by YouTube.

If your video is properly embedded and satisfies valid views criteria, then its views will be considered as video view. There are also some exceptions where it may be possible that views are not counted. For example, invalid embedding, video auto play in out of visible view port, tricky customized code and other related cases.

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