4 Simple ways to find WordPress site theme name

Find WordPress site theme name: ways #1 footer theme credit link, #2 Page source code, #3 Online WordPress tool sites and #4 Browser extensions.

If you like any WordPress based blog or site theme design on internet and want to apply same theme in your blog or site, then by using following 4 simple ways, you can easily find WordPress theme name.

#1 Footer theme credit link

WordPress theme have theme design credit link in footer section. If site owner have purchased theme, then owner can remove it. If site owner using theme’s free version, then such credit link exist in footer. So, first way to check theme name is to check theme detail in site footer section.

#2 Page view-source

WordPress theme folder comes under “wp-content/themes/” directory, for example “wp-content/themes/astra“. Here astra is name of theme. You can find this name from page view-source.

Steps: Open site in browser, press “Control + U” command, command opens view-source, press “Control + F” command and find “wp-content/themes” and get theme name from search result.

#3 Online WordPress tool sites

Third option is to use online WordPress tool sites, which provide service to detect theme name, For example WPThemeDetector. You can also search “wordpress theme detector” in Google search and get more online tools list. Such tools give installed theme and plugins detail by website URL.

#4 Browser extensions

There are list of browser extensions available which gives WordPress site information by just one click. You can find your browser specific extension from Google search. For example “chrome wordpress detector browser extension”.

Here suggestion is to use given extension option last preference, as you can easily get theme name by first three options. So, it is better to ignore browser extension use for simple process.

That’s it. You definitely able to find WordPress site theme name by given ways, right? If you have queries or suggestion for theme name detection, you can ask or share in comment section.