How to Justify Text in WordPress Gutenberg (Without Plugin)

  • WordPress Gutenberg editor does not have a text align justify option.
  • Using CSS you can justify your whole post text or selected paragraph text.
  • For selected text justify – you need to add CSS class in Additional CSS class(es).

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Now, let’s check out justify Text in WordPress Gutenberg using CSS answer in detail.

Set text align justify for WordPress post content

To make your WordPress post text align justify, add following CSS code in theme custom css option.

.type-post p {text-align: justify;}

By using above code, your post’s all paragraph blocks text will be set to justify aligned.

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Set specific paragraph block text align justify in WordPress

To make specific block text align justify, you need to add following code in the theme custom css option.

After that, you can set the created “text-justify” class to your specific paragraph block’s “Additional CSS class(es)” settings under “Advanced” option, to make text justify.

.text-justify{text-align: justify;}

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Hope you find this justify text in WordPress Gutenberg guide helpful.