How to Add Custom CSS from WordPress Dashboard

How to Add Custom CSS from WordPress Dashboard: you will get three method’s (Additional CSS, Plugin and child theme) details for apply custom CSS in WordPress theme.

Custom CSS used to make website design more attractive and user-friendly. You can overwrite theme style or add missing style using custom CSS.

If you want to add custom CSS in your WordPress site, then you can use any method from following list. Given methods manage your CSS without edit or change WordPress theme files. You can add, edit or remove custom CSS from WordPress admin dashboard, without making any change in theme files.

#1: Additional CSS

“Additional CSS” option is core feature in WordPress 4.7 and newer versions. “Additional CSS” is common for all pages and it is specific for active theme.

For example, you have active theme “A” and you add custom CSS using “Additional CSS” option. Now, you change your site theme and set theme “B”. In this case custom CSS added with theme “A” not available with theme “B”. You need to add CSS again for theme “B”.

How to add custom CSS using Additional CSS option?

#1 Sign in to WordPress admin. #2 Open “Appearance > Customize” option. #3 Now, you will find “Additional CSS” option in left sidebar menu. #4 Click on it, add your CSS style and click on “Publish” button.

#2: Custom CSS WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin for manage custom CSS is second method. You just need to install and activate custom CSS plugin. Once plugin activated, plugin’s setting link available with “Appearance” setting options.

This type of custom CSS plugins gives more functionalities. For example, easy to manage, CSS applied with all theme, you can set page specific CSS and more. You can get plugin feature details from plugin page.

If you want to use plugin for manage custom CSS, following are good custom CSS plugins to try, #1 Simple Custom CSS, #2 Simple CSS.

#3: Child Theme

This Child Theme option is not best fit for only custom CSS. Child theme’s main purpose is to overwrite main themes functionalities without edit main theme files. Child theme protects custom theme change on main theme update time.

Apply custom CSS is an one of benefit with child theme, as we list all possible WP custom CSS methods, this is also one of them.

But, if your main aim is to just add simple custom CSS, then first 2 methods are more suitable, in comparison to child theme method.

If you have queries or suggestions for WordPress custom CSS, you can ask or share in comment section.