How to generate and install Astra child theme?

In this post you will get a complete guide to generate Astra child theme online and install in your WordPress site.

It is good practice to use a child theme to make your theme customized change safe.

By installing and using the Astra child theme, you will be sure that your custom change will not be overwritten with theme update.

Let’s first start with generating and downloading the Astra child theme.

How to generate and download an Astra child theme?

To generate an Astra child theme, open this Astra child theme generator page. Next, enter the child theme name in form and click the “Generate” button.

Once, you click the “Generate” button, the child theme generator creates a child theme and the theme zip file will automatically download in your system.

In the theme generator, you will also get advanced options (Child Theme Version, Author, Author URI, Description, Folder Name and Screenshot).

This downloaded Astra child theme zip file is ready to install on your WordPress site. In child theme, you will get functions.php, screenshot.jpg and style.css files.

How to install the Astra child theme in WordPress site?

Following are steps to install an Astra child theme using WordPress upload theme option.

  • Open “Upload Theme” option from Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload Theme.
  • Click the “Choose File” button and choose child theme zip file.
  • Next, click the “Install Now” button and Activate child theme.

That’s it, Now your Astra child theme is installed and active for your website. You can add your custom theme change in child theme’s style.css and functions.php file.

Next time when you update main Astra theme, your theme customize change will be available as it is.