How to get a Dailymotion video link and embed in WordPress?

Following is a guide to get a dailymotion video share link and embed that video in WordPress.

How to get a dailymotion video link?

To get a dailymotion video link, open a dailymotion video page in the browser.

Now, near the video player’s bottom right corner, you will find a share icon. Click that share icon, it will open an option to “Copy link”.

You will get a video link by clicking the “Copy link” option.

And, if that option does not work for you, then get a dailymotion video link from the browser URL bar.

Now, you have a video link to embed in your WordPress site.

How to embed dailymotion video in WordPress post?

Now, WordPress default editor provides the option to embed a dailymotion video link into your post.

To embed a dailymotion video, go to add or edit the post page.

Next click “[+]” (add block icon button) in editor. It will open the block browser popup to select the block.

Here, type “dailymotion” in block search input. In result, the block browser shows “Dailymotion” block. Now, click and add Dailymotion embed block in post content.

That block has an input field to enter a dailymotion video link. Add your video link here and click on the “Embed” button.

Lastly, check post preview and publish your post with a dailymotion video.