How to Recover Deleted Watch History on YouTube? (Things to Know)

Your YouTube watch history is not available because you had deleted your YouTube watch history manually. And now you want to recover or restore it back, right?

Here, the answer is not in your favor, but given things in this post, about deleted video watch history will be helpful in future actions.

Let’s first check your problem’s answer.

How to recover deleted watch history on YouTube?

When you are clearing or deleting watch history from YouTube history control, YouTube shows you a message to inform you that “Your YouTube watch history will be cleared from all YouTube apps on all devices”.

It means, once you clear your watch history, it will not be available on all YouTube apps on all devices.

Now, in some online solutions, they suggest that your deleted YouTube watch history is available on “Google My Activity > YouTube History” page.

But, in our testing, we found that – when you delete any item from your YouTube watch history, it will also be removed automatically from “Google My Activity > YouTube History”.

It means, Once you clear or delete YouTube watch history manually, then you can not recover it again.

Note: above answer is prepared based on online information and experience. You can find more online sources before taking any action.