301-redirect from homepage Couldn’t fetch the page (Blogger to WordPress)

In this post, you will get a solution to fix Google Search Console change address process error “301-redirect from homepage”.

Let’s get started,

Why does GSC show 301-redirect from homepage error?

Reason for “301-redirect from homepage” error is different based on your old blogspot blog to new blog URL (WordPress blog or other blog URL) redirection.

Here, if your 301 redirection is ok and working properly in the browser, then this error is temporary. And, can be fixed by applying the process, which is given in the next section.

How to fix 301-redirect from homepage error in GSC?

If you completed your blogger to new blog 301 redirect process and your redirect working in browser, then following steps will fix your GSC temporary error.

  1. Open your site Google Search Console.
  2. Copy homepage URL which shows in error and paste in GSC Inspect URL search bar.
  3. Click on the TEST LIVE URL button.
  4. Check VIEW TESTED PAGE shows your new blog homepage.
  5. Next, click the REQUEST INDEXING button.
  6. Now, after 10-30 minutes, retry the “Settings > Change address” process.

In most cases, “301-redirect from homepage Couldn’t fetch the page” error is fixed once your indexing request is processed.

And, if it does not work, then you need to wait for a few more hours, until the indexing request is processed.

That’s it.

This solution worked for my case, and I had successfully moved my blogger blog to a new custom blog URL. Hope, this solution works for your case too.