How to add Infolinks ads.txt file in Blogger?

Blogger have the option to add ads.txt entries in the settings page. In this post you will get a guide to add Infolinks ads.txt entries to blogger and fix Blogger ads.txt errors.

Following are instruction given in Infolinks Ads.txt tab:

Infolinks requires that you follow the IAB ads.txt file initiative. This file lists Infolinks as an authorized reseller of your traffic.

Publishers who do not add the ads.txt file are at risk of losing out on earnings from Infolinks top advertisers. Make sure to add the ads.txt file to all your registered domains using lower-case ads.txt file name.

Now, let’s check out steps to add ads.txt entries in Blogger blog.

Add Infolinks ads.txt file entries in Blogger

  1. Copy ads.txt file rows from Infolinks “Ads.txt” page.
  2. Paste all rows in the text editor.
  3. Replace lowercase “reseller” and “direct” words to uppercase (reseller => RESELLER, direct => DIRECT).
  4. Open Blogger settings page.
  5. Scroll down the page and go to the Monetization option.
  6. Enable custom ads.txt setting option.
  7. Click on “Custom ads.txt” text to open ads.txt input form.
  8. Copy ads entry from text editor and paste in Custom ads.txt popup input.
  9. Click the “Save” button to save changes.

After save changes, open ads.txt file in browser url. To check Blogger ads.txt file open “” url.

From here, you can confirm that all Infolinks ads.txt rows properly added in Blogger blog.

Tip: To stay update with Infolinks ads.txt new rows, frequently(once in week) visit Infolinks “Ads.txt” tab in dashboard. And, update new rows time to time, if any update found.

How to fix “The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules” error in Blogger?

Blogger displays error “The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules” due to invalid ads.txt content rows.

To fix this error for Infolinks links ads.txt, you need to replace lowercase “reseller” and “direct” words to uppercase (reseller => RESELLER, direct => DIRECT).

This solution is already given in the above steps. So, if you add ads.txt rows by following the above given steps, you will not get this error in Blogger.