How to get Infolinks approval? (Best Practices)

Infolinks ad network is a good alternative to Google AdSense. And, the good thing is that you will get easy approval from Infolinks compared to other popular ad networks.

In this post, you will get a list of things to follow for quick Infolinks approval for your blog or website.

Infolinks is a well established ad network and helps publishers to earn more revenue from their content.

You may hear that, any new blogger can easily get approval from Infolinks. But, this is not the real case.

It means you will not get approval for all types of websites. For example, websites with no content, policy violation content and low quality content.

Now, if you are a new blogger and not get approval from Infolinks for your website, then following are things which helps to get Infolinks approval for your site.

Create quality content

Quality content is key to get more traffic and any ad network approval. Infolinks offers different ad unit formats.

Websites or blogs with quality content and more text in post have more chances to get quick Infolinks approval.

Create at least 20-30 quality post before apply

Before applying for an Infolinks publisher account, it is good practice to publish at least 20-30 posts on your site.

Enough number of posts with quality content helps to get more traffic and which create authority. And, all these things help to quick ad network approval.

Add Privacy About and Contact pages to website

Based on the type of website, you need to add some required pages in your site. Privacy Policy page, About page and Contact page are some of them.

In most cases, with the above pages in website publishers get approval. There are no written specifications for pages, but above are suggested pages.

Follow Infolinks publisher website eligibility criteria

To get Infolinks publisher account approval, there are eligibility criteria given by Infolinks.

As a publisher, you need to check and follow all these criteria. You need to confirm that your site satisfies Infolinks publisher eligibility criteria.

And, before applying for a publisher account, update your website to comply with Infolinks policy criteria.

Apply for publisher account with minimum 1000 monthly page views

This practice is a suggestion based on our experience.

Reason behind this practice:

When you start a new blog, then in the starting phase your first goal should be create great content and get more traffic.

Now, if you focus on ad network approval in the starting phase, then you may not focus on content creation. And, with low traffic publishers can not earn more revenue.

Add Infolinks integration code properly to website

Before getting an approved Infolinks publisher account, you need to register for a publisher account and add integration code to your blog or website.

For ad integration Infolinks provides 4 different options. They are JavaScript (Any Platform), WordPress, Blogger and Drupal.

At Last,

If you are not getting approval after applying above practices, then you can contact the Infolinks support team by email. By this you can get more detail about the reason for rejection.