Does Hostinger Have a cPanel? (Things to Know)

In this post, you will get answers to the following question “Does hostinger have a cPanel” and related FAQs. By reading this post, you will get a clear idea about Hostinger (cPanel) hosting panel.

Hostinger does not have classic cPanel to manage domain and hosting accounts. Hostinger has its own control panel, which is known as hpanel. You can view and manage your hosting, emails, domains, servers, SSL and billing from this hpanel. This hpanel is web based and you can access it by login with your Hostinger account credentials.

Now, let’s check out some FAQs for Hosting cPanel (hpanel).

How to access the Hostinger cpanel?

Hostinger cpanel (hpanel) can accessed after login. This cpanel login page link is available on the header section of Hostinger site. For login, you need to use your Hostinger account credentials. After successful login, you can access Hostinger cpanel (hpanel).

With Hostinger, you will get a simple and well organised control panel. In the login page you will get all normal features available, for example forgot password, sign up option, facebook login, Google login and normal login options.

After successful login from Hostinger cpanel login page, you will be redirected to hpanel dashboard where you can access all features.

Can I get a separate cpanel for each domain in Hostinger shared web hosting?

No, you will not get a separate cpanel (hpanel) for each domain with Hostinger shared hosting plan. It means you can not manage your Hostinger hosting account as Web Host Manager, where you can allow domain specific cpanel access to other users. Here, cpanel access can be shared for all domains or not for no one.

Here, if you plan to use your single Hostinger account for reselling domain space, then it will not be practical with a shared web hosting plan. Because, you will not be able to provide domain specific cpanel (hpanel) access to all users.

But, if you are a single owner to all your domains, then Hostinger cpanel is perfect, where you can manage all sites with a single login and dashboard.

How to use a Hostinger cpanel(hpanel)?

Hostinger provide hpanel to users, to manage hosting, domains, servers and other services.

You will find a detailed guide about Hostinger cpanel use in this Hostinger’s tutorials page. Here, you will find all hpanel features usage guides with screenshots.

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