How Much Cost Is a .com Domain Name On Hostinger India?

In this post, you will get information about .com domain price on Price table gives details about first year cost and second year cost.

First year domain purchase price and domain renew prices are different. And, from the second year, you need to pay a regular price for the second and upcoming years. .com domain cost for first year .com domain cost for the first year is Rs. 602 (+123 taxes). And if you buy a privacy protection service for domain information, then you need to pay more Rs. 275 (+49 taxes).

It means, .com domain without extra services costs Rs. 725 for the first year and with privacy protection service it costs Rs. 1049 for the first year. .com domain renewal price

Domain renew price is different compared to first year .com domain price on

On the cart page in, “.com” renewal price without any additional services shows Rs. 991/year. But, as per my billing record, .com domain renewal costs Rs. 872/year (Rs. 739 renewal cost and Rs. 133 tax).

Is Hostinger good for domain name purchase?

As per our experience, Yes, Hostinger is a good option for purchasing your website domain name.

Base price of domain name is lower on Hostinger compared to some other domain service providers.

But with the domain name, Hostinger does not give free domain data privacy protection. And, you need to pay extra money for that. So, at the end you will get the same nearer deal compared to other service providers.

It means, you will get a domain name with reasonable price and good service.

Can I get a .com domain for free on

With Hostinger’s Premium & Business web hosting plans you will get your chosen (available) domain name for FREE for 1 year.

It’s like, win-win situation for both sides for your fresh website setup. But, if you want to get a totally free domain name without spending any rupees, then as per our analysis such offers are not available on

Can I buy a domain name on without hosting?

Yes, Hosting and domain name are both different services offered by And, you can buy both together and separately.

Note: if your domain name and hosting service provider are different, then you need some extra work to connect domain and hosting. Here, you can take help from both service providers.

What things are needed to register a domain name on

Domain name registration includes domain purchase and registration process.

Domain purchase process is simple like other online purchases. Next, for successful registration of your domain, you need to fill in your contact information (Name, Address, Email, Phone). All these processes complete within Hostinger dashboard pages.

For any query or issue, you can take help from the support team.

Note: plans and pricing may change with time. For latest price details, you can check Given information is for overview of “.com” domain price and related stuff based on our analysis.

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