How to register a domain name anonymously? (Things to Know)

Here, registering a domain name anonymously means, you buy and register domain name with your personal details, but not want to reveal your personal details on public platforms.

In simple words, you want to buy a domain name but want to hide ownership and contact information on Whois and other online public platforms.

Let’s check answer with above situation,

How to register a domain name anonymously?

Domain privacy protection is a solution to buy or register a domain name anonymously.

Domain privacy protection is an addon service which is offered by domain and hosting service providers.

This privacy protection can be available free with domain name purchase or you need to buy it separately.(In both cases, total price will be almost the same).

With privacy protection service, domain owner name and contact detail will be protected and will not available on Whois and other online public platforms.

It means, domain owner contact and ownership detail will not be available from the registry to these public platforms.

Now, answer in simple words is,

To register a domain name anonymously, you need to buy a domain name with domain privacy protection option, and if privacy protection is not available with domain purchase, then you have to buy it as a separate service.

For more detail, before register domain name, you can contact the service provider from where you are planning to buy/register domain name.

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