Can Domain Name Have XYZ Things (Things allowed or not)

In this post, you will get answers for whether domain names can have some things (numbers, hyphen, underscore, symbols, dots, capital letters, period, spaces) or not.

Following are sentences, which helps to understand which things can be included in the domain name.

Can domain name have numbers? Yes.

Can domain name have hyphen? Yes (domain name can not start or end with hyphen or not have consecutive hyphens).

Can domain name have underscore? No.

Can domain name have special characters or symbols? No.

Can domain name have dots? No.

Can domain name have capital letters? No (domain name is case-insensitive).

Can domain name have period? No.

Can domain name have spaces? No.

Note: Domain name restriction can vary and depending on different things, For example, what extension you are registering and what country the domain is associated with.

Given answers prepared based on available online content and analysis. For more detail you can contact the domain seller, from where you want to buy the domain.

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