Does Web Hosting Include Database? (Things to Know)

If you buy web hosting for websites or APIs, then a database is a required thing in most cases.

In this post, you will get an answer for the web hosting and database related following question.

Does web hosting include database?

Yes, all web hosting accounts include a database. Number of allowed databases depends on the purchased package plan, it can be one or more. you can check the included database type and database limit detail from hosting package plans.

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Type of database:

Most web hosting services include a MySQL database with a plan. So, if you want a different type database, then check plan details or contact hosting service before making any decision.

Database limit:

With a basic single website hosting plan, you will get one database. And, to get multiple databases, you may choose premium or upper plans based on service provider.

Free web hosting with database:

There are many free online web hosting services available, which also provide a database, but these free services come with limitations. So, as per our opinion, it is better to spend a small amount to avoid limitations and risks.

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