Do domain names expire? (Things to Know)

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Do domain names expire?

Yes, each domain name has their registrar registration expiration date, and if the domain is not renewed within that date, the domain name will be expired.

How long does a domain name last?

Domain name lasts until it’s expiration date. Domain expiration date is your domain buy/renue date + domain renew period( 1 to 10 years).

Once you renew your domain, then it will last more years (years that you choose in the renewal process).

Can you keep a domain name forever?

No, you can not buy and keep domain names forever. Most domain names can be registered for 1 to 10 years.

And, to keep a domain name forever, you need to renew it before every expiration date.

How often do domain names need to be renewed?

Domain name renewal frequency depends on years you register/renew your domain name.

For example, you register a new domain name for 1 year, then you need to renew the domain name after 1 year.

And, after 1 year, if you renew your domain for 2 year, then you need to renew the domain again after 2 year.

How to check domain name expiration date?

You can check any domain expiration date on, Here, enter domain name and submit.

In result, you will get a domain expiration date detail in “Domain profile” and in “Whois Record” section.

And, for your owned domain, you can easily check expiration details by login to your domain control panel.

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