How Long Should a YouTube Intro Be? (Intro length guide)

YouTube Intro is a good option to create brand image and identity among your audience. But, it is equally important to take care of Intro length to be safe from losing your viewers attention.

In this post, you will get helpful information about YouTube Intro length. Information will help you to decide – How long your YouTube Intro will be.

Let’s get started,

How long should a YouTube Intro be?

For simple logo animation and channel Intro less than 5-8 seconds Intro length is enough. And, for a rich Intro with more detail, a maximum less than 20 seconds Intro length is enough.

Intro length is vary based on Intro content, but for normal channel Intro less than 5-8 seconds is ideal length.

What is the Ideal length of YouTube Intro?

5-8 seconds is the ideal length of YouTube Intro.

But, based on requirement, you can increase length up to 20 seconds.

What is the maximum length of YouTube Intro?

There is no restricted length for YouTube Intro, But to achieve good results and viewers attention – maximum 20 seconds limit length is suggested.

YouTube Intro suggested length for different type of Intros

Following are different Intro types based on Intro content. These types are prepared based on analysis, to understand Intro length more clearly.

Simple logo animation Intro: Maximum 3-5 seconds.

Intro with logo animation and general channel intro with subscribe request: Maximum 5-8 seconds.

Logo animation and quick business or product overview: Maximum 10-15 seconds.

Other special Intro with long content: Maximum 20 seconds.

YouTube Intro content is common content for every video. So, try to avoid video specific content in it. By this way you can make your Intro shorter and use Intro clip in all channel videos.

Is YouTube Intro more than 30 seconds too long?

Well, YES, YouTube Intro more than 30 seconds too long.

Because 30 seconds general channel related Intro content can be results in low viewers attention.

So, in this case, it is suggested to limit your Intro length as much as possible.

At Last,

Don’t stick to specific YouTube Intro length, because ideal intro length is different based on channel type and viewers.

To find ideal Intro length, you can experiment with different length Intros. And, based on each video’s user attention statistics, you can choose the ideal Intro length for your channel.