How to Create Google Web Stories in WordPress? (11 Steps)

Following are simple 11 steps to create and publish Google Web Stories from your WordPress blog or website.

  1. Install Web Stories by Google plugin on your website.
  2. Go to the Stories Dashboard.
  3. Set Publisher Logo from Stories settings page.
  4. Click “Create New Story” to start creating a story.
  5. Add color, image, text, video and more to the story page.
  6. Create all the story pages one by one.
  7. Set story title, description and permalink.
  8. Set your web address for story pages in Page attachment(If required).
  9. Set a poster image for your web story.
  10. Preview your web story.
  11. Publish your web story(Add any missing detail, if asked).

That’s it,

Now, your web story is published and available for your visitors.

Here, the good thing about Google Web Stories plugin is that you do not require your entire site AMP ready. You can create and publish Google web stories on non AMP sites also.