Is Sticky Post Good for SEO? (Things to Know)

Are you using the sticky post feature or want to use it in your blog, then this post is helpful to know that – is sticky post good for SEO or not?

What is a sticky post for a blog or website?

When you set any post as a sticky post, then it will display on top of all posts on your site’s homepage.

It means, the sticky post sticks to the top of all posts and always visible first on the home page to site visitors.

Is the sticky post good for SEO?

Here, the sticky post feature is more related to blog visitors content accessibility. Sticky posts are mainly used to provide quick accessibility to your main content.


If you want a sticky post feature only for SEO purposes, then avoid such practice. 

Because, when you set your normal post as a sticky post, then users think that this content is important for visitors as per publisher’s point of view.

Here, if users visit your post and find that post is normal, then they think that – in this site sticky post contains general content(not important content).

So, use the sticky post feature for important posts and for user accessibility. This feature may have SEO related small benefits but it is not 100% related to SEO.

Is the sticky post feature good for the newly published post?

In one of our blogs, we also noticed that – if a new post sets as a sticky post for a long time, then in Google search results that particular post related query gives the home page as result.

It means that a post may lose its unique identity in search results.

So, It is good practice that before making any post sticky in your site, make sure it is properly indexed in Google search results and has its own identity.

Is the sticky post displayed two times – on top and on a related position?

WordPress sticky post displayed two times or not depends on theme or your sticky post plugin.


WordPress sticky post common behavior for two time visibility:

If your sticky post real position is not in first page, then it will show two time – first on home page and second in related page results.

And if your sticky post is newly published and has a position in the first page, then in the first page only the sticky post is displayed.

It means, a sticky post will not display twice in same result page.