Blogger SEO settings and best practices [BlogSpot SEO]

Blogger SEO settings and best practices: Blogger (BlogSpot) blog SEO settings and blog post and pages SEO best practices for beginners.

If you are beginner in blogger and blogging, then this best practices help for blog SEO optimization. Given SEO tips (practices) are for Google free Blogger (blogspot) platform.

Blogger not have plugin features like WordPress for SEO optimization, but, platform has useful settings and options for basic important search engine optimization. Let’s have a look it one by one.

Blogger blog Privacy setting

Blogger blog Privacy setting gives option to INDEX or NOIDEX your blog to search engines. Make sure this is enabled, so, search engines can find and list your blog in search listing.

Blog Privacy setting available in Settings page. You can open it and confirm that Visible to search engines option is ticked and enabled.

Blogger Meta tags setting

Blogger Meta tags setting helps to enable or disable Meta tags for blog homepage, post and pages. Using this option, you can enable search description and set blogs search description. Following are steps to enable Meta tags in blogger.

  1. Open Settings from blogger admin.
  2. Go to Meta tags section.
  3. Tick Enable search description option.
  4. Add your blog Search description (Max 150 character) and save.
Blogger meta tags setting
Blogger meta tags setting

That’s it. Now given search description will display in Meta description tag for your blog homepage.

Note: If this Meta tags disabled, you will not find meta description option in post settings. You need to enable this Meta tags from blog settings to enable post Meta description option.

Blogger blog basic title and description

Basic title in Blogger settings is blog title and it’s value set as blog <title> tag and blog name. Blogger description is blog overview and shown in blog header area below blog title. Description can be hide or show in header from Layout header setting.

Blog title and description can be set from Settings > Basic section. Maximum allowed character length for blogger title is 100 and for blogger description it’s 500.

HTTPS redirect

Google blogger provide HTTPS for blog without any cost. For make all blog post and pages pure secure HTTPS, you can enable HTTP redirect to HTTPS URLs. This change possible from Settings > HTTPS > HTTPS redirect setting option.

Blogger post Search Description

If Meta tags setting enable for blogger blog, Description option available in add/edit post page. For post SEO Meta description, you can set post description here and it will set as Meta description tag for post.

Blogger post SEO options
Blogger post SEO options

Blogger post Meta description limit is 150 characters. It means you need to prepare blog post Meta description within 150 characters. Well described description helps in search ranking and gives more traffic to post.

Blogger post Permalink

Blogger gives two options to set post permalink. Default option is Automatic Permalink. Here best practice is to use second option Custom Permalink and set SEO friendly link.

Try to include your post main keyword in your permalink. For example, your main keyword is “Blogger SEO best practices”, your possible permalink will be “blogger-seo-best-practices”. Here link prepared by convert space to dash (-) and uppercase chars to lowercase.

SEO friendly post title tag

Give your all post best title, which includes your main keyword. BlogSpot (Blogger) new template support SEO friendly post title tag format.

Blogger (BlogSpot) new templates shows [Post or page title] at beginning in title tag. That’s good. If you are using old theme, it shows [Blog title] at beginning position in title tag.

For post title, if you show [Post title] before [Blog title] in title tag, it will more optimized and SEO friendly format.

Possible change for old blogger templates: Go to Theme > Click three dot menu > Edit HTML. Find following line <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> in html. Replace it with following code and save changes.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

Given Blogger SEO options available in Settings and in add/edit post page. Any Blogger user can implement best SEO practices and meta tags in Blogger(blogspot) blog without any template customization. You can also check Blogger Help: manage settings page for detailed instructions.

If you are beginner and started with Blogger, this SEO practices helps in site search engine optimization process. You don’t need to follow any tricks, if you use this available blogger practices and settings.