How to add pages in blogger blog [Create blogger page]

How to add pages in blogger blog: page have step by step guide to create blogger page with page search description and reader comments settings. You will also get page unpublished or delete options detail.

Every blog required basic and legal pages. For example privacy policy, about us, contact us, sitemap and other custom pages. If you are running your blog in blogger (BlogSpot), you also need to create these pages.

If you are new to blogger or want to learn best practices for blogger pages. This post will give you helpful steps and information to learn how to add pages in blogger blog.

Steps to add pages in blogger blog

Manage page in blogger is simple, by doing 4-5 simple steps, you will able to create best SEO friendly pages. Following are steps to create blogger page.

  1. Sign in to Blogger site: Open and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Select your blog: If you have many blogger blog, select specific blog to add new pages.
  3. Click pages in left menu.
  4. Click create new page: In left menu at top [+ NEW PAGE] button exist, click it to create new page.
  5. Publish page: Add page title and content. Setup Page settings and preview your page. If all fine, click Publish button.

Blogger page settings

Blogger page have settings for search description and reader comments. You can setup page setting using these options. Check out following detail for both setting options.

Search description: page overview Meta search description. You can add description within 150 character limit.

Reader comments: using these options, you can allow or do not allow comments in page.

Blogger page permalink

Blogger not allow custom permalink. By default blogger set your page title as page permalink. For example if your page title is “About Us” then page permalink will be “about-us”.

How to set custom permalink for blogger page?

First prepare your custom permalink before creating page. For example “my-custom-page-link“. Now go to create page in blogger and add your custom permalink as page title and Publish page. Now your page created with given custom permalink and you can change page title and update page.

Blogger page delete and unpublished options

After creating page in blogger, you can Revert to draft or delete page. These options are available with page in page listing. You need to move cursor on page to view these options. By clicking revert to draft or delete icon, you can complete related action.

After reading above step by step information, you definitely get idea for how to add pages in blogger. Blog pages management in Blogger is easy due to its amazing option interface. Hope, you like and found post helpful.

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