Blogger blog comments guide FAQs

Blogger blog comments guide: get info for Blogger comment settings, suggested setting option, comment reply, formatting and FAQs.

For Blogger blog owners, this post gives all possible guides for post comment. As a Blogger you can get steps to manage comment in blog, process to effectively reply post comment in Blogger, tips to format comment text and more helpful FAQs.

Let’s check out the Blogger comment guide in detail.

Where can I find basic info to manage Blogger comments?

You can find basic info to manage Blogger comments on Blogger Help comments support page. In this info you will get the following info with detailed steps.

  • Bloggers comment settings.
  • Comment moderation.
  • Delete or mark comments as spam.
  • Spam comment prevention.

This blogger comment related help page also provides detail to manage comments left on other blogs.

What is the suggested comment moderation option for Blogger comments?

Always” option is the suggested option for “Comment moderation” setting in Blogger.

“Sometime” or “Never” options have the chance to publish spam comments on post. You may need to moderate more comments with the “Always” option, but it will reduce spam comments in your blog.

How to reply to a post comment on Blogger?

You can reply to approved comments from comment’s post page. You will find the “Reply” text link below comment. Once you click “Reply”, you are able to enter a reply text, select “Reply as”, Preview your reply and Publish reply for your post comment.

Blogger opens reply form, when you click “Reply” text. In form multiline textarea input available. Here, you have three (Blogger account, Name/URL, Anonymous) options for “Reply as” in reply form. You can use it, based on your requirement.

Which “Reply as” option is better in comment reply, if I have multiple blogs in my Blogger account?

Name/URL” is suggested as the “Reply as” option in the Blogger comment reply form. By using this option you can reply to your blog users’ comments with related blog names and URLs.

Which are the allowed formatting HTML tags in Blogger comment?

Bold, italic and link format supported in Blogger comment form. For applying these formats, Blogger allowed <strong>, <b>, <em>, <i> and <a> tags in comment form.

It means you can set comment text bold and italic format. And, with an anchor tag, you can add links in a Blogger comment.

Note: Don’t forget Preview your comment before publishing. Because the preview option shows the result view of your comment before publishing.

Thing to do before approve comment on Blogger

In Blogger, you can approve post comments from the “Comments” page. Default listed comments are type of unapproved, means (Awaiting moderation). Now, when you approve a comment from the “Awaiting moderation” list, it will disappear from the list and go to the published comment list.

So, the thing to do before approving a comment is to open a post in the new tab. By doing this, you can quickly go to post and reply to an approved comment.

Where can I find old published comments on the Blogger dashboard?

Blogger dashboard shows post comments in the “Comments” page. In this page comments display based on the comment’s status.


Comments page default display all “Awaiting moderation” comments. So, if you want to find old published or spam comments, then you need to select the “All” or “Published” or “Spam” option from the comment listing filter option.

You can see this comment filter option before comments list.