YouTube Shorts video guide and FAQs

YouTube Shorts video guide and FAQs: Shorts overview, create Shorts process, video music, monetization, Shorts tool option and FAQs for Shorts.

What is YouTube “Shorts”?

“Shorts” is a new YouTube short-form video type. Users can create Shorts using their mobile phones. Shorts’ videos are vertical videos and 60 second or less in length. These Shorts videos display on the YouTube home page in Shorts shelf row.

How to create Shorts on YouTube app?

Creators can create Shorts using a short-form video creation tool from YouTube app. If this tool is not available in your mobile app, you can create Shorts video by normal process.

Following are steps to create Shorts using a YouTube app video creation tool.

  1. Sign in to YouTube on your mobile device.
  2. Tap “+” icon create button.
  3. Choose “Create a Short” option.
  4. Start creating video: you can tap and hold the capture button, or tap capture button to start shooting and tap again capture button to stop shooting.
  5. Use Undo and Redo options to manage different clips.
  6. Now, tap “Next” and preview the video.
  7. Tap “Next” again and add video details (title, description, language).
  8. Select audience.
  9. At last, Tap “Upload” to finish.

Note: YouTube Shorts allowed video length is 60 seconds, but video created using the Shorts camera is limited to 15 seconds.

How to add my Shorts video to YouTube Shorts shelf?

To display your short videos on YouTube Shorts shelf, you need to create vertical video with limits to 60 seconds in length. And, most important thing is that, you need to add #Shorts hashtag in title or description.

Is YouTube Shorts can be only created from YouTube app’s “Create a Shorts” option?

No, You can create YouTube Shorts videos using normal video creating process.

Can I add normal videos as a Shorts video?

Yes, You can add normal existing or newly created videos as Shorts on YouTube. But, here your video needs to satisfy Shorts criteria (vertical mode, 60 second length and #Shorts hashtag).

Can I display ads with Shorts and monetize my Shorts video?

No, ads not served yet on Shorts video, so, you cannot monetize Shorts video. Shorts also do not generate YouTube Premium subscription revenue.

Currently Shorts feature is in beta phase, so, there may be opportunities to monetize Shorts in the future.

Where and how do these Shorts video display on YouTube?

Short videos display on the YouTube homepage in Shorts shelf. This Short shelf row displays in before the suggested videos list.

These Shorts video displayed in row with “Shorts” title. Users can tap and view these videos. To watch the next and previous Shorts video, users need to swipe up or swipe down.

How do I add music in my Shorts video?

A Shorts video create feature in the YouTube app has the option “Add Music” option. This Music option has free to use songs selection. By tapping on Music option, you can select and add track to your Shorts video.

How many music tracks available on YouTube for Shorts video?

YouTube Shorts Music option has 1000+ tracks. These tracks are in many languages. Also, these Music option tracks list continuously growing.

Is Shorts music tracks are free to use?

Yes, you can use Shorts music in Shorts video for personal, non-commercial use. So, the suggestion is that videos created with Shorts music, try to only be used on YouTube with personal and non-commercial purpose.

What is a good YouTube shorts aspect ratio?

YouTube shorts feature is specially introduced for smartphones. For smartphones the most common vertical aspect ratio is 9:16. As per YouTube help page, “The standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a computer is 16:9”. So, based on the standard computer screen vertical aspect ratio and smartphones common vertical aspect ratio, 9:16 is a good aspect ratio for YouTube shorts.

Now, if you want to check recommended resolutions and aspect ratios for general videos, then you can check this YouTube Help page.

How to share YouTube Short videos?

You can share YouTube Short videos from the “Share” option with the arrow icon. This Shorts share option is available in the bottom section while you watch the Short video.

Short videos also available in YouTube channel videos list. You can also share short videos like other normal videos from there.

How to view YouTube Shorts (As like TikTok or Reels)?

Now, you can view YouTube Shorts videos like TikTok and Reels by one click. In the YouTube app, “Shorts” button option available in bottom tab bar menu. When you tap on this option, shorts video starts showing and you can view all shorts videos by swipe screen up.

How to view YouTube Shorts

This view Shorts button option works the same as the Instagram reels movie icon in the bottom bar menu. It means you can start watching YouTube Shorts videos by one click.


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