TubeBuddy delete video permission FAQs

TubeBuddy permanently delete video permission FAQs: get answers related to TubeBuddy and YouTube delete video permission access.

If you are a YouTube creator and want to use TubeBuddy but want to know more about TubeBuddy delete video permission, then following FAQs helps to understand the permission process.

Is allowing delete video permission to TubeBuddy is mandatory?

To manage channel videos, TubeBuddy required access to view, edit and delete video permission. So, delete video permission to TubeBuddy is mandatory, if you want to use TubeBuddy.

Why does TubeBuddy ask for edit and delete video permission?

For video publishing and bulk video detail processing TubeBuddy required your YouTube account permission. So, TubeBuddy asks for basic video management permissions to your Google account and when you link Google account, Google asks to allow such permissions to TubeBuddy. So, for normal and bulk video procession TubeBuddy ask for such permission.

Does TubeBuddy delete videos automatically?

No, TubeBuddy never deletes videos automatically. TubeBuddy provides features where you can take action directly from TubeBuddy. So, without your consent and action, TubeBuddy never takes any automatic actions for your channel and videos.

Is it safe to allow delete video permission to TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a popular and YouTube certified program. To perform tasks on your channel, TubeBuddy asks for required minimum permissions. All processes with TubeBuddy are made over the secure HTTPS protocol. So, yes, it is safe to allow delete video permission to TubeBuddy.

You can also check more security information on TubeBuddy FAQs page.

How do I remove TubeBuddy delete video permission from my YouTube Google account?

Permission to delete video on YouTube channel is given from Your Google account which used on YouTube. You can manage all Google account permissions from “Apps with access to your account” page. You can “REMOVE ACCESS” for TubeBuddy from this page.

Note: If you remove access for TubeBuddy from here, then TubeBuddy will not work for you. To make it working, you will need to allow permission again.