How to Rename Uploaded Image Files in WordPress

How to rename uploaded image and media files in WordPress: get different ways to rename uploaded any media files in WordPress.

There are many reasons for rename an uploaded image or other media file in WordPress. For example, spelling mistakes in image name, want to make image name SEO friendly, image name issue in URL and more.

Here, in this post you will get a step by step guide for two methods to change an uploaded image name.

Following are two different easy ways to rename an uploaded image and media files in WordPress.

Rename image manually

In this method you need to download the image, rename and upload again in WordPress. Following are steps to rename manually.

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Open “Media” listing.
  • Now, Edit Media page for particular image.
  • Copy image URL and open it in new tab.
  • Press “Ctrl + S” command to download and save that image in your system.
  • Now, rename a downloaded image and upload in WordPress.
  • Once it is uploaded, change the old image URL with a new image URL in your content.
  • After the complete process and testing, remove the old image (optional).

If you want to rename an image for a single image, then this is a convenient method which does not require any plugin.

Replace uploaded image using WordPress Plugin

This method is more advanced compared to a manual rename image method. Here, you just need to install the WordPress plugin and the plugin will do all processes for you.

There are many plugins for rename an uploaded image in WordPress, but “Enable Media Replace” plugin is simple to use and perfect for this process.

Following are steps to replace an uploaded image using “Enable Media Replace” plugin.

  • Install “Enable Media Replace” plugin to your WordPress site.
  • Activate plugin and open “Media” files list.
  • Make an image file ready with the correct name in your system.
  • Click on the new “Replace Media” option below your image file.
  • Browse new image file to upload.
  • Select media replacement type: image only or file, name and links in content.
  • Click the “Upload” button to complete replacement.

If you are a beginner for WordPress, then this plugin method is more suitable. Here, plugin will upload a new image file, update your post content and use a new file link. So, you just need to upload an image or media with the corrected name.