How to Disable YouTube Shorts? (Get Rid of Permanently)

Want to disable YouTube Shorts permanently or disable some specific shorts suggestions?

Here, you will find different ways to disable Shorts.

By choosing the Not interested option for all shorts section videos and repeating this process, you can disable Shorts.

Disable YouTube Shorts using Not interested option

In this method,

From the Shorts section, tap the ellipses (three dots) icon from shorts top right corner and choose “Not interested”. By doing this, shorts video removed from the section.

Next, choose “Not interested” option for all shorts videos and make the shorts section empty.

Do the above process for all shorts sections which display in home feed.

Once you repeat this process, whenever the shorts section is displayed, YouTube will know that you are not interested in shorts and stop showing the shorts section.

Disable specific shorts suggestions

You can use shorts Not interested option also to remove specific shorts suggestions.

Here, you need to choose the Not interested option for those types of videos, which you want to remove from shorts suggestion.

Disable YouTube Shorts by downgrade or uninstalling updates

You can get rid of Shorts by downgrading your YouTube app or using the “Uninstall Updates” setting option.

But, these options are not suggested, because, with these methods, you are not able to access the latest YouTube features. And, which may result in other technical or other issues.

That’s it,

Hope you find given information helpful.

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