YouTube Shorts Custom Thumbnail (Things to Know)

In this post you will get answers about YouTube Shorts custom thumbnails. If you want to add a thumbnail for your shorts video and do not succeed, then this post gives a clear guide for that.

Can I add a custom thumbnail to YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts do not support a custom thumbnail. Currently YouTube selects a random frame from your video as a Shorts preview thumbnail.

It means, you can not set a custom thumbnail for your YouTube Shorts. It will decide automatically.

In Shorts, the video title is the only thing which is in your hand to optimize for grabbing viewers attention.

Also, when you set a custom thumbnail for video, then it will be shown in your channel normal video listing. But, custom thumbnails will not work in the Shorts slider section.

How to add a custom thumbnail on YouTube Shorts?

As per some hack suggestions, if creator add custom thumbnail image in shorts video at 7 to 9 second time frame, then they get chance to pick that frame as Shorts thumbnail.


This type of thing is totally luck by chance and breaks viewers’ experience. So, create great Shorts, set a good title and wait for good results.

Never disturb your content and video experience for custom thumbnails.

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