Stop safari from launching apps [3 solutions]

Stop safari from launching apps: link long press, Guided Access mode and Safari private browsing mode, three solutions for stop opening app from Safari.

There are some cases where iPhone or iPad user need to access web links. For example links in search result, links in email, and link in message. Sometime user wants to open such links in Safari browser new or existing tab instead of iPhone or iPad installed app.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more are common apps which exist in most cases in mobile. If user click related app links in Safari, app will open. To stop this process following are available solutions and settings.

Solution #1: Link long press

Link long press is best solution. When you long press link, Safari shows open with options instead of automatically open related app. Check out steps for this.

  1. Long press link
  2. Select Open or Open in Background option
  3. Link will open in Safari instead of app

Safari will remember your choice for future access and open link in Safari itself. In future if you required launching app, you can long press link and select app name from open with options.

Solution #2: Guided Access mode

Guided Access mode is iPhone and iPad accessibility setting. Guided access mode keeps the iPhone or iPad in a single app. It means you not move from one app to other app, in current case (Safari to other app).

You can enable Guided Access mode from Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access option. Next, move to Safari and triple-click side button to use Guided Access for Safari.

In this solution, when you want to launch some app using link, you need to follow same triple-click side button step to exit Guided Access mode.

Solution #3: Safari private browsing mode

When you use Safari with private browsing mode, browser will not open link associate app without your confirmation. When you click link browser open popup and ask “Open in {Appname}”, you need to press cancel to stop launching associate app and open link in Safari.

Above given are possible solutions, if you want to stop safari from launching apps when click any link and related app installed in your iPhone or iPad. Suggested solution here is Link long press options. Using this solution, you are free to open link in Safari or in app.