How To Find YouTube Video Whose Title You Forgot?

In this post, you will get a list of practices which you can follow, when you try to find a YouTube video whose title you forgot or not remember.

This situation is annoying, when you want to watch some video again which you watched in the past but you forgot that video title.

And, due to that, you are not able to find that video on YouTube.

Here, video that has been watched in the past can be watched in possibly two cases – first watched in one’s own mobile, and second in friends or other person’s device.

But, don’t worry,

Practices to find a video on YouTube whose title forgot

Following list of practices will help you to find videos on YouTube whose title you do not remember.

1. YouTube watch history

If you have watched video on your own mobile phone and forgot it’s title, then you can find video in YouTube watch history.

In the YouTube app, this “History” video list can be opened from the “Library > History” option.

Now, what if you watched a video in friends or other person’s phone/device? In that case, you need to try the following practices.

2. Ask friends to remind video title – if possible

Here. you can ask your friend to remind you of a video title that you try to find on YouTube. Or you can ask your friend to search their YouTube watch history to find video for you.


What if you watched video on a person’s device which is not in your contact, or any of the above practices not applicable for you.

3. YouTube search bar

Last option to find a forgotten title video is the YouTube search bar.

In this practice, you can search queries/terms related to key moments which you remember about from the video content.

For example,

You try to find a comedy video whose title you forgot, but you remember that in that video man slips while dancing.

So, in this practice, you can search “man slips while dancing” key moments to find that video again on YouTube.

Above is a simple example for understanding. In your case, you can search multiple key moments or keywords whatever you remember about video.