Does Google AdSense Pay Per View? (Things to Know)

Does Google AdSense pay per view? – This question comes in many publishers’ minds, before they start using Google AdSense.

In this post, you will get clear and complete answers for this and other related questions.

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Does Google AdSense pay per view?

Before checking your answer read the following sentence which is given in one of Google AdSense Help pages.

Google will pay you for clicks, impressions, and other interactions with the Google ads you’ll display on your site.

Google AdSense Help page

Now, let’s come to your question.

Yes, Google AdSense pay per view. Here, for views – pay is calculated based on per thousand ad views (impressions).

For example, CPM(cost per 1000 impressions) for your website is $1 and you get 1500 ad impressions on your site. Now, here your earning will be $1.5.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

There is no predicted average value for AdSense pay per 1000 views, because AdSense earning depends on different factors.

For example, traffic, content type, users location, ad placement and more.

So, how much AdSense pays per 1000 ad views with your website is only known when you set up and use AdSense with your website.

But, if you want to get a rough estimated annual revenue based on your content category and users region, then you can try AdSense revenue calculator.

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