How to Mention All in WhatsApp Group?

You want to mention all WhatsApp group members in your message, right? And, looking for a word which mentions all people in a group.


In WhatsApp, to mention all members in your message, you need to type “@” symbol and select contact’s name from the suggested group members list. And, repeat this process for all group members.

You can not mention all members by @ symbol and single word. e.g., @everyone @here or @all.

It means,

You need to mention all group member names one by one, using the “@” symbol, to mention all members in your message.

For example:

Suppose you have a WhatsApp group of 3 members (aaa, bbb and you), and you want to send a “hello” message, mentioning all group members.

Here, your message like,

Hello @aaa @bbb

That’s it,

Hope you find the given answer helpful.