Mobile hotspot and WiFi FAQs [Android, iPhone]

Mobile hotspot and WiFi FAQs: Detailed answers for mobile (Android, iPhone) hotspot and WiFi’s use, security, parallel use, battery life and FAQs.

Mobile hotspot

Portable mobile WiFi hotspot is internet access point. Portable hotspot allows to connect mobile WiFi network using mobile, computer, TV other WiFi enabled devices. Mobile hotspot in most cases used for sharing internet to other mobile or laptop. This feature also used for file transfer process.

Current smartphones support portable hotspot. You can setup normal and password based secure WiFi hotspot network in your mobile. More on this, you can also select GHz band in network setup.

Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi used to connect mobile with available WiFi hotspot networks. Once mobile connect with network using WiFi, you can use internet and manage file sharing. WiFi full form is wireless fidelity. Its simple meaning is, connect or access a network using radio waves, without using wires.

Difference between mobile hotspot and WiFi options

Smartphones have options for portable hotspot and WiFi and both are used for different purpose. Portable hotspot used to create network and WiFi used to connect with hotspot networks and communicate. Main purpose of both features in mobile is to setup and manage device to device communication.

Many mobile users have question, is mobile hotspot and WiFi are same? Or they have confusion for both options. We hope, given answer helps to understand difference between mobile hotspot and WiFi option.

Is it possible to use WiFi and hotspot at the same time?

No for old mobile phones, mobile hotspot and WiFi cannot work at the same time. When you turn on hotspot in mobile, WiFi will be turn off and when you turn on WiFi, hotspot will be turn off.

Yes for latest mobile phones, latest mobiles support this feature, but there are many reasons to avoid such process. This process is like WiFi repeater, which drains battery and generate process load for mobile. Also there is no logic and use of such process.

Tips to extend battery life while hotspot use

Following are useful tips, which help to extend battery life while you are using hotspot in your mobile.

  • Turn hotspot switch off when you are done with it.
  • Enable Turn off hotspot automatically option: It will turn off hotspot automatically when no devices are connected.
  • Try to avoid long time use of mobile hotspot.

Is it bad to use phone as a WiFi hotspot?

No, if hotspot featured used for normal purposes and short time. If you use hotspot feature long time and daily bases, it may affect your battery capacity. Mobile hotspot is nice feature and helpful in internet sharing and file transfer processes. Here, phone as a hotspot usage suggested for normal process and short time.

Can someone hack my phone using my hotspot?

Hacking your mobile with private and secure hotspot network is hard. For non-secure portable hotspot network, it is possible that, un-known user connect and try such activities. Here, it also depends on connected device, knowledge, mobile permission given by you when such activity tried.

In most cases, it is difficult and not possible to hack mobile with general mobile hotspot usage. Suggestion here is to set password for your mobile hotspot to make it more secure.

Is there any money cost if i turn my phone into a hotspot?

Not directly. Hotspot allows access to use your mobile data internet. Here internet usage by connected device can be affect two way. If you have monthly data plan, then it will only use your data. If you not have any data plan and mobile data option is enable in mobile, then you will be charged by your network provider for data usage, data which used by connected device.

Can I use mobile phone as a hotspot for my TV?

Yes, if your television is WiFi supported. Currently available latest smart TVs have WiFi support, so, you can enable portable hotspot in your mobile and connect it with TV. By this way you can easily access mobile internet for your TV.

Hope, given mobile hotspot and WiFi FAQs found helpful for you. If you have new queries or suggestion for Android or iPhone mobile hotspot and WiFi, you can share it from comment section.

How to hide my Android WiFi hotspot network?

Answer is, Not Possible. This feature was allowed in old Android phones with “Hide my device” option. By this feature, you can hide your mobile hotspot network in other user WiFi network list. Latest mobile not have such option, may be some mobile have option to set maximum allowed device connect limit, but, you cannot hide network from other users.

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